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Tiny Living: Troy and Elizabetha>
There's a few reasons why we decided to live in an RV full time. I (Elizabeth) have always loved the idea of living tiny, with less materialistic things and more time doing the things we love. My husband was already...
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There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Reneea>

We became RVers when Kelley’s work relocated us to Atlanta, GA. We decided why not give tiny living a try. We found a beautiful campground near his work and being empty nesters it’s worked out great. Kelley works for General Motors. He has been with them for 30 years. I, Renee used to work for […]

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In Need Of A Good Adventure- Megan And Briana>

In the summer of 2016, we got the idea to travel full-time. At first, it was about fun, family time, seeing things and exploring. It also was beneficial for Brian’s work, he’s in sales and getting into new areas on a regular basis meant more opportunities! However, when we found out we were pregnant with […]

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Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living a>

Growing up as an entrepreneur I worked since I was 12 to be self sufficient. Even driving myself to my own cancer treatments while working full-time at 17 years old. My wife and I knew each other since middle school but didn’t become a couple until we turned 21. We moved to Boston and worked […]

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