Eric And Krista: Choosing a Life of Freedom in Search of a Better Living

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

Growing up as an entrepreneur I worked since I was 12 to be self sufficient. Even driving myself to my own cancer treatments while working full-time at 17 years old.

My wife and I knew each other since middle school but didn’t become a couple until we turned 21. We moved to Boston and worked there for a few years doing plumbing, HVAC, and property management. I made many contacts and worked wherever the money was. Including trips to Florida to perform auto mechanic work.

Months Without Seeing My Wife

For a few years we did architectural salvage and subcontracted with greenGoat. This would require sleeping on the job and living a somewhat gypsy lifestyle the majority of the time. These jobs were multi-million dollar mansions throughout Cape Cod and all of New England.

Having access to a plethora of salvage materials we purchased an 1870’s house in the country. The plan was to renovate it while using it for storing materials, tools, and my extensive vehicle collection. Eventually finding work that enabled us to live out of that house and make it a home. Up until then my wife and I would work as a team to complete projects. Now that she had a full time job, I found myself working for weeks and sometimes months without seeing her.

Change in Priorities to Spend More Time with My Daughter

As our biological clocks were ticking my wife became pregnant. This sparked an immediate change in my priorities, which caused me to search for an income that would allow us to spend time with our daughter.

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

During her pregnancy I searched far and wide in hopes of a solution. One of my adventures left me stranded hundreds of miles from home with a broken down truck. Searching for replacement injectors I somehow contacted a mad scientist of sorts that was in the mountains of Northern Idaho. His name is Doc Sadler. Doc mentioned how he could use someone like me to work with him in his diesel business. Being an automotive enthusiasts and having owned over 100 vehicles in my life, I saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime.

Driving 2,800 Miles to Start a Business

After flying back and forth a half dozen times during her pregnancy, I was anxiously awaiting my daughters birth. Within a couple weeks of my baby Stella coming into the world we established Stealth Performance Products (with over 100,000 followers on Facebook as of the writing of this post) and drove 2,800 miles to begin on this new adventure.

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

I towed a dilapidated 30′ park model camper from NH to Idaho with a Chevy Kodiak 4500 4×4 on 40″ mud terrain tires. Upon arrival it became clear that we had just embarked on the biggest sink or swim journey of a lifetime. Since we would be constantly traveling and still owned our house in NH it became clear we would need a good home on wheels.

Our Journey into Full-Time RVing

We have always had a passion for visiting national parks, hiking, camping, and unique vehicles. Before we bought our house on the NH-VT line, I proposed to Krista on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park at sunrise – the first place in the United States to see the sunrise. We slept in the back of a suburban with 300k miles on it during that trip.

Our first attempt was a slide in camper perched high up on my Kodiak.

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

That soon became impractical with a dog, cat, and our daughter becoming more mobile.

After buying a 2017 Duramax for testing and promotional purposes we decided to get into a 2018 Voltage 5th and eventually traded it for a Fuzion.

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

Eric And Krista- Choosing A Life Of Freedom In Search Of A Better Living

During this year of business we have been to every corner of this country and lived a life that only most have dreamed of.

The overwhelming task of running a business while on the road is being offset by the hundreds of once in a lifetime experiences that have come from it. Living a life on the road is not for everyone. Some people need stability and a routine to be happy.

We choose to live a life of freedom in search of a better living.

While we may not have a lot of money, what we do have is memories and experiences that cannot be bought.

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