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Living In The Unexpected Roger And Joa>

Roger and I are travelers at heart. We met in South Korea where we taught English for a few years, before moving to North Sumatra where we stayed for a couple of years and then Fort Wayne, Indiana. A few years ago we were sent to Sedona, AZ with a ministry we were working for […]

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Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Ereza>

We don’t have a sad story or a life-changing event that got us to turn our lives upside down. We just got bored with living the “American dream” and wanted more from our life on this planet. We wanted to see the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, try different foods and spend time […]

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Creating Our Own Path Rich And Krisa>

Since we’ve been together, Rich and I (Kris) have always made it a point to go travel somewhere when we had time from work. But it was always the same when we had to come back home: we didn’t want to! We wanted to continue traveling and experience something new. So that’s exactly what we […]

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Roaming Far And Wandering Wide Michelle And Justina>

We were looking to relocate somewhere, but we couldn’t figure out where that somewhere was going to be. Justin (my husband) is originally from New York, so we toyed with the idea of moving to NY, but it just didn’t sound great. During yet another conversation where the two of us were trying to figure […]

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Roaming Free Stefanie And Jasona>

We were actually looking to settle down and buy a house at the time. We are from Southern California and it is crazy expensive to live here. After painstaking house hunting in an overpriced and competitive market, we started thinking about other options. We landed on RVing. We had the cash to do it without […]

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