Living Our Dreams On The Open Road: Shirly And Erez

Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Erez

We don’t have a sad story or a life-changing event that got us to turn our lives upside down. We just got bored with living the “American dream” and wanted more from our life on this planet. We wanted to see the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, try different foods and spend time with each other. We were inspired by other people living nomadically and decided to give it a try. What’s the risk? We could always go back to our “normal” life, work, school etc, but you only live once! so we ditched out suburbia house, quit our jobs, sold our junk, bought a motorhome and hit the road. It was a bit scary but mostly exciting and we’re so glad we took the leap! Since we launched in July 2018, We’ve visited over 25 US states, 5 Canadian provinces and even spent a month in Mexico!

Our Traveling Home

We have a Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome and we are towing a Jeep Wrangler. We chose a motorhome for the easiness of setting up, tearing down and the easy drive days. We like to move fast so a motorhome was the right choice for us.

Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Erez

Changing Up Our Income

Before hitting the road, I (Shirly) worked for IT companies and Erez used to do many different things, but most recently he used to flip houses in Atlanta, GA. Erez also used to mentor startups and young entrepreneurs in the GA Tech incubator. We had to quit all those things when we launched fulltime life.

Our main income is our 3 vacation homes in Destin, Florida ( We manage them remotely and we built it as a passive income business so we only have to put a few hours a week in it and enjoy the rest of the time with our kids & traveling.

We are also are part owners in a few E-commerce businesses and do tech gigs and document our travels on social media using Facebook & Instagram and always looking for new interesting business ideas.

Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Erez

Find Some Amazing Friends While Traveling

We love seeing new places and visiting national parks, but our absolute favorite thing about RVing is meeting new people! The community of traveling families is the best! What we’ve learned along the way is that it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you have beside you and we are very lucky to have met so many amazing families during our travels that are now lifelong friends with!

First Night Experience

The day we launched, about an hour into our fulltime RV life, we were hit by crazy rain that broke our driver side front window wiper! it was impossible to see where we were driving at night on the highway so we pulled over in the next exit and entered a gas station. The rain was so strong, and we didn’t have a spare wiper so we had to spend our first night out in the RV in that gas station. Not really a smooth sailing kickoff, to say the least, but it’s all part of the experience!!! The next morning everything was brighter and we were able to replace the wiper and get to our planned 1st destination. That was a night we will never forget!

We Love Boondocking

We were nervous to try boondocking at first, but along our RV life, we discovered we absolutely love boondocking! Other than the huge money-saving aspect, boondocking allows you to park in beautiful locations right in nature. Some of our favorite memories are while boondocking with friends in some of the most breathtaking places in the US! If you want to boondock, we highly recommend getting a few upgrades to your rig like power source (generator and/or solar), get a water bladder, and wifi booster.

Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Erez

Fun Things To Do While RVing

There are many different ways to save money on the road. Since we love going to museums we purchased a museum membership through Kern County Museum. This membership is available online and it allows you free or heavily discounted access to thousands of museums worldwide! This specific membership participates with 4 very large reciprocal organizations which opens up lots of options including science museums, children’s museums, art museums, and even zoos!

Looking Forward To Adventurous Memories

We’ve fulltime RV’d in North America since July 2018 and don’t have any plans to stop anytime soon. We would like to go internationally in the next 1-2 years.

Living Our Dreams On The Open Road Shirly And Erez

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