Full-Time RV Resources

We’ve been doing research into full-timing for quite some time. Luckily, we’ll be able to save you some time with this list of resources that we’ve found to be the most helpful.

This list includes links to communities, information, tutorials, FAQs, and bloggers. If you have a resource that we haven’t listed that you believe would be helpful, send it our way.

Just Getting Started, Full-Timing Links

If you are just getting into RVing we’d suggest using these resources to find your RV, truck and other helpful tidbits of knowledge.

  • Working on the Road – This guide explains the many ways you can make a living on the road. To give you an idea, Justin is a website developer and Joelle is a traveling makeup artist.
  • Finding the Right RV – Choosing the perfect RV for you is going to be tough. It takes a lot of research, you’ll jump around from one style to the next and eventually you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Until then check out this guide.
  • Budgets on the Road – We’re working on our own budget list, but for now you can check out this awesome guide by RV Dreams that explains the budgets they’ve used over the years and budgets you might be comfortable with.
  • Craigslist – The most valuable asset in our resource library. You can find anything from the RV you want, the truck you need to pull it (if you need one), to accessories, furniture, and local jobs. Craigslist is by far the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly!
  • RV Trader – We personally didn’t find our RV on this site but it’s got a lot of local listings as well.

Helpful Communities & Information

You can never have to much help when it comes to RVing. This community build around Full-Time RVing has made a great second family for Justin and I when we need a helping hand.

  • Full-time RVers – This is a group of “full-timers” that travel and live inside of their RV’s all year long. The members include mechanics, young adults, retirees and people that have been doing this since they were born!
  • Full-Time RVers Under 40 – If you’re looking for a younger group, this one is for you. We put this together to help those that are still working, traveling the world and are a bit more relatable for those that are younger.
  • Wandrly Guides – One of the best magazines online, fully stocked with helpful guides that will give you a great insight into the RVing lifestyle.
  • Full-Timing Budgets – A breakdown of the main expenses of RVing full-time. These include spreadsheets and different sample budgets.
  • Internet on the Road – Technomadia has a great resource called RV Mobile Internet Resource Center which explains everything you need to know about the internet on the road.

Apps For RVing We Love

  • Gas Buddy – The easiest way to find the lowest gas/diesel prices in our area. When the average diesel price was $2.75 in our area, we were able to find a gas station that was only charging $2.23, that’s a $12.60 savings on a 30-gallon tank!
  • RV Parky – A great app that we use to find RV parks around the united states. It also brings up reviews, Walmart locations, tent sites and much more!
  • Mint – An easy way to track our budget from all of our bank accounts using a debit/credit card. It also allows us to put a limit on our spending for certain activities and alerts us when we are approaching that limit.
  • Yelp – Finding restaurants in a place you’ve never been can be tough. With Yelp we can find places that have good reviews without having to try out their food ourselves. It’s also a good place to find resorts and service shops.
  • Google Maps – If you ever use your phones GPS it’s likely you’re using Google Maps or Apple Maps. In our opinion, Google Maps is the best resource for traveling and finding the best routes.
  • Google Play Music – We use this to listen to music and podcasts while driving. It gives us more control over what we’re listening to and it’s easy to use.
  • Google Photos – Every time we take a picture on our phone it’s uploaded to the cloud so we can access it on our computers. It also time stamps the photos and allows us to use keywords to find pictures. For example, You can type “Water” and Google Photos will find every picture we’ve taken with water in it
  • Trucker Path –  We just happened to ask a trucker next to us when we stopped and he recommended this to us. It has great paths for large vehicles and tells you the hight of upcoming bridges!

Full-Time RV Bloggers

  • Wheeled & Free – Matt & Kate are a young couple traveling the country with their awesome dogs. They’re extremely talented and very stylish. Their blog gave us the idea of remodeling our own RV.
  • Wandrly Magazine – A great blog by Nathan & Renee. They share a lot of their experiences and have some of the more in-depth blogs I’ve ever seen.
  • Gone with the Wynns – One of the coolest traveling couples out there, Nikki & Jason put together amazing videos, blogs, and tutorials on everything they do.