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Our FullTime Adventure: Ashleigh and Graysona>

With the housing market being the way it is and with our desire to move out of Florida; we thought why not buy an RV and travel for a little bit while we decide where we want to live. After traveling for the first months and many prayers, we now see our life looking like […]

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Here Comes The Adventure: Sarah and Jakea>

Like many families, we reevaluated our lives when things shut down due to Covid. Jake’s job was limited in promotion opportunities and we knew a change was needed. We realized we wanted to keep spending family time together as we experienced during the shutdown and we began thinking of alternative lifestyles. We’ve always been interested […]

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Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannona>

We’ve always wanted to travel and experience life outside of the 9-5 office gig and felt that this was the most economical and practical way to get on the road quickly. Our motto was “Go small and go now”. We paid off all of our school debt and eventually saved enough money to where we […]

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Roaming Far And Wandering Wide Michelle And Justina>

We were looking to relocate somewhere, but we couldn’t figure out where that somewhere was going to be. Justin (my husband) is originally from New York, so we toyed with the idea of moving to NY, but it just didn’t sound great. During yet another conversation where the two of us were trying to figure […]

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