Taking The Scenic Route: Mark And Shannon

Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannon

We’ve always wanted to travel and experience life outside of the 9-5 office gig and felt that this was the most economical and practical way to get on the road quickly. Our motto was “Go small and go now”. We paid off all of our school debt and eventually saved enough money to where we could take the leap. So we sold everything, bought a trailer, and quit our jobs to travel full time.

The Perfect RV For Us

We have a 2018 Open Range Ultra Lite 2410RL pulled by a 2013 Tundra 4.6L. We browsed craigslist for what seemed like forever and fell in love with our open range and the interior. When we looked into it further we found we could safely pull it with our truck, it was the perfect size for two people and a small dog. It had the bathroom and living setup that we wanted. We went and looked at it, bought it, and were literally living in it full time all within a month’s time. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.

What We Do While Traveling

I, Mark, was a Business Analyst for a software company. Shannon is a CPA who worked for a Real Estate company managing their taxes. We are both currently unemployed but have a youtube channel that we work very hard on check it out here at 2 Texans Travel.

Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannon

Our Lives RVing

Name just one crazy moment!? That’s crazy…so here are a few.

Living in state parks throughout the country has been surprisingly fun. Having the amenities of bike trails, lakes, hiking, monuments, etc right at your doorstep has been amazing. Also learning to fly fish in Montana and camp along the Yellowstone River for a few weeks was a great experience and such a contrast to our life in Texas.
Overall, we’ve really come to enjoy learning all about tiny living and have no regrets!

Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannon

We blew a tire on the second day of travel and ended up replacing an axle at our third stop on our journey. We just had to get that out of our way early.

From Our Experience

We’ve seen pets, kids, and families of all sizes living the RV life and thriving. Our advice is don’t let anything hold you back.

Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannon

We’ve always been pretty budget-conscious so that didn’t really change much once we started living in an RV. Though it may be tempting to try every new craft beer or local restaurant we come across we make an effort to keep to our food budget as best we can and only splurge sparingly.

Planning has been one of the biggest adjustments. Planning where we’re going, where we’re staying, and when we’ll be there has been the biggest challenge.

Just Enjoying The Journey

We’re not sure how long we want to full-time… the original plan was to do this for a year but now we’d like to extend this lifestyle for a bit. Florida is in our sights…and so is the ocean. Follow our adventures on 2 Texans Travel.

Taking The Scenic Route Mark And Shannon

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