Our FullTime Adventure: Ashleigh and Grayson

Our FullTime Adventure: Ashleigh and Grayson

With the housing market being the way it is and with our desire to move out of Florida; we thought why not buy an RV and travel for a little bit while we decide where we want to live. After traveling for the first months and many prayers, we now see our life looking like this indefinitely.

We Currently have a truck camper that goes on top of our truck. After having multiple bigger rigs we decided we wanted to try something smaller. And we absolutely love it!

A Shift In Careers

Before traveling full-time I worked in Construction/owned a sports supplement company and Ashleigh worked in retail and was a personal trainer/Zumba instructor. For work now, we create the content we use for our social media profiles as well as many other things from Freelance work to Secret Shopping.

Our New Found Freedom

We both share plenty of experiences that we can agree to have fallen in love with while being on the road but nothing beats the FREEDOM. The freedom to choose your backyard, your neighbor, and really just your path. We have loved meeting the many amazing people we can now call friends and love the constant change of scenery.

Honestly, the craziest part of RVing that we are yet to even grasp is pretty funny to us. We think it is so crazy/funny that you can be inside your cozy, RV home and then walk outside and be in a Walmart parking lot. It’s hilarious because when we stay at Walmart, I like to open the door in the morning and say “Good Morning Walmart!”

Our FullTime Adventure Ashleigh And Grayson

Adapting to RV Life


We travel with pets and it makes the Adventure that much more enjoyable. Yes at times it is hard but it is hard sometimes when you have sticks and bricks with pets to0, so don’t let having pets scare you. Also when it comes to kiddos we have seen so many traveling families that are very large and they love it. We plan to travel with kids eventually but for now, we have our fur kiddos.


We use Cricket Wireless for our phone service and it works very well. For uploading videos and all, we can connect to our hotspot on our phone that comes with our plan.

Boondocking Over Campgrounds:

When it comes to boondocking or campgrounds, it is all a matter of what you like. the amenities of a campground are what you pay for. We personally boondock mainly because we don’t like the sardine-packed campgrounds that have sort of been the only ones to become available where we go. Also, boondocking usually requires no planning or reservations whereas campgrounds require both.

Big On Budgeting

We budget hardcore. We actually have a video on our budget of when we had a larger rig. We are able to spend a lot less because we boondock. Boondocking is free so that helps a lot without budgeting. We use apps to keep track of our spending but we also use every single app in order to confirm that we can get cashback on things we are doing.

Do It Yourself

Our advice for repairs and renovation work is three words: DO IT YOURSELF. We tell everyone this often and we always hear about how “I don’t know how” but our biggest advice to this would be to look it up and to find someone who does and ask questions because if you’re willing to learn there is someone willing to teach.

Where To Next

The biggest adjustment to RVing full time has been being away from friends and family but it’s been so cool to meet so many new friends as well. We planned to travel for two years until we found where we thought we wanted to live but plans have changed. We plan to travel indefinitely and have some huge plans after we travel all 50 states. The next adventure we have is heading West again and to Alaska this summer! Check out our adventures on our Youtube Channel “Our Full-Time Adventure”, and Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Happy travels and See you on the road.

Our FullTime Adventure Ashleigh And Grayson

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