Roaming Free: Stefanie And Jason

Roaming Free Stefanie And Jason

We were actually looking to settle down and buy a house at the time. We are from Southern California and it is crazy expensive to live here. After painstaking house hunting in an overpriced and competitive market, we started thinking about other options. We landed on RVing. We had the cash to do it without getting into debt and we have the freedom with our jobs since we both are in marketing and both have roles that allow us to work remote. We have both worked remote for the past few years. Now, we have the opportunity to explore new areas to maybe one day settle down.

Our Home On The Road

We have a 30ft Winnebago Brave named Blue-Jay. We went with this RV since it had lower miles, especially for the year it is, has no slides, has a full shower separate from the bathroom, lots of storage and an inverter for boondocking. It was also in our price range.

Roaming Free Stefanie And Jason

Our Lives RVing

Our favorite part of RVing is having the schedule to stay or move for as long as we want. When we are ready to go to the next spot we can decide that. We don’t have to adhere to the limited week long vacation time.

Roaming Free Stefanie And Jason

We have been fortunate to not have anything too crazy happen when starting out but we did have to learn how to drive such a large brick down the road. We also had to get comfortable with the fact that people really don’t like RV’s when they are on the road. There is something that infuriates them, so being comfortable with making people mad that we are a large vehicle on the road has been an interesting learning experience. We always say to each other that we have a leisure vehicle so we are leisure driving.

What To Expect When Traveling

Things can get stressful especially if you work on the road. The best thing you can do is just research where you’re going. There are pretty good maps on phones these days so just plan ahead.

Both boondocking and campgrounds are great for their own reasons. My recommendation is to do a combination of both. Take advantage of being able to be put in the middle of nowhere by yourself but don’t stress yourself out that you might run out of water, power, or whatever other limited resources you might have.

Roaming Free Stefanie And Jason

Knowing your budget is one of the most important things to know when full-time RVing or just in life. Having a monthly budget and tracking it weekly will be the difference between being able to stay on the road or having to turn back. It’s also very important to stick to your budget. It takes discipline but it makes the process so much less stressful. It also keeps you and your partner on the same page.

What’s Next In Our Adventures

We’re not sure how long we want to RV. We are just going to travel until we want to be more stationary and closer to family. I think the next adventure would be to grow our family.

Roaming Free Stefanie And Jason

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