There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure: Kelley & Renee

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

We became RVers when Kelley’s work relocated us to Atlanta, GA. We decided why not give tiny living a try. We found a beautiful campground near his work and being empty nesters it’s worked out great.

Kelley works for General Motors. He has been with them for 30 years. I, Renee used to work for the school district in the technology department supporting the office staff for 41 schools. I now blog about all our adventures and will be starting a website soon.

Why We Chose A Toy Hauler

We bought a 2019 Keystone Raptor 421CK fifth wheel toy hauler. We have always had General Motors vehicles since Kelley works for them. Our truck is a Chevrolet 1 ton crew cab Duramax diesel dually. Once we are on the road you don’t even feel like there was a fifth wheel behind us. The truck easily pulls the large camper. We wanted a toy hauler for the garage area for our toys, the 2 beds & we use it as a mudroom as well. The fifth wheeler is much easier to tow on windy days than a bumper pull trailer.

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

Initially, we were overwhelmed with the size and electronics in the camper. It’s very important to pay attention and have a good walkthrough with your RV dealer. We had a friend who said she does not camp but when she saw our new camper she said OK I can camp in this. That let us know we picked a good RV. She has been on several camping trips with us.

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

Gaining So Much From RV Life

Downsizing has been such a big adjustment for us. We had to empty a 2,400 square foot home and a 3 car garage. It was a huge undertaking but so worth it. We love the freedom from yard work and house chores.

Since we became full-time RVers we have begun hiking and love it. We have hiked to several waterfalls.

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

Tips For RVers

We got a Verizon jet pack hot spot, AT&T tv now and we had an Amazon fire stick. We now have internet and cable tv wherever we go. I use the internet and the Good Sams campground book to find campgrounds. Our Good Sam membership gets us discounts at campgrounds.

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

Don’t forget the upkeep that Rving entails. Kelley runs our generator 1hour a month if we haven’t used it. Monthly he airs the tires and turns them to prevent flat spots. He also spins the tires to lubricate the bearings. These small things help prevent some pretty big and tedious problems.

50 States Here We Come

We plan to Fulltime for 2 years and then part-time 6 months out of the year for as long as we can. Visiting all 50 states and all National parks is our ongoing plan. Follow us on Instagram at Fifty and Fifthwheeling to see where we are going next!

There’s Always Time For A Good Adventure Kelley & Renee

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