Wander Free And Queer: Wanderers In The Making

Last year we met another young couple who was living in their RV full-time, and we became inspired to follow suit! We decided to live full-time in an RV so that we could travel as much as possible! Our passions include exploring National Parks, hiking, rafting, and just about any other wilderness activity.

Our RV

We have a Newmar Bay Star 3401. It’s a Class A gas RV. We looked at over 100 RVs but ultimately went with Newmar. We felt their floorplans were most conducive to living in it full-time. The quality of the build was also superior to a lot of the other rigs we looked at.

Our Transition To Working On The Road

Before traveling full-time we were both educators living in Portland, Maine. Danella worked in higher education, while (I) Allie am certified to work with younger children. Now that we are nomadic, we earn an income by traveling to farmers markets and craft shows around the country to sell our crochet products. Check out our portfolio on Instagram. We take custom orders from all over the USA!

Internet Is A Must For Us

Spend the upfront costs necessary to get your rig internet-ready. Campground wifi almost NEVER works, and cell coverage is always more limited than companies claim. As digital nomads, we rely on the internet to support this lifestyle, so, unfortunately, we can’t be without it for extended periods of time. Invest in hotspots and a booster of some kind!

Making A Life On The Road

We are brand new to this lifestyle and don’t imagine giving up full-time travel anytime soon! We can imagine many years of exploring the USA and Canada, and potentially even raising a family on the road. We are exploring Maine this summer and fall, and then we are excited to head to Arizona this winter!

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  1. You both look very happy! Do you make the crochets while you’re on the road? Such a smart initiative. I would have to agree with you on the internet thing, it’s pretty important for me as a lot of my work requires being connected to the net as well. Also, have you guys considered doing other crafts or are you currently focusing the efforts on crochet products? 🙂

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