The Flippin Travelers: Let’s Hit The Road

Let’s Travel the World

We started full-time RV living mainly because we were sick and tired of living a routine lifestyle. Every day became the same. Travel was something we always wanted to do one way or the other, so we thought to ourselves what could we do now to make that happen. So we bought an RV, quit our jobs, took our business on the road and from there everything fell into place. It was one the scariest decision we’ve made so far, but we are glad we did.

It was either buying a house or taking on this adventure. We have no kids (yet) so we said, why not now! We planned for months, sold everything, and went for it.

Before Full-Timing

So before traveling full-time in an RV, Tim worked for AT&T as a Wire Technician and I (Milly) worked at a Rehab facility as an Occupational Therapist Assistant.

We currently have an e-commerce business which allows us the freedom of working from home. We buy items on the road or online and flip them for a profit. Also what we do for income, I (Milly) work for an Allied Travel Health Care Staffing that assists with temporary contracts in the field of Occupational therapy. The contracts can last anything from 2 weeks to 3 months in a particular state.

But the past few months we have strictly focused on growing our business on the road and our YouTube Channel in order to make our business our primary source of income. We truly enjoy being able to control our time and teaching ourselves new things in order to make our business successful.

Our Trip To Florida

Our favorite experience full-timing so far would have to be our trip to two different campgrounds in northern Florida called Itchetucknee Family Canoe and Cabins and Devils’ Den. We experienced the crystalline Ichetucknee River and the Devils Den Prehistoric Springs, where we snorkeled in caves and had the utmost pure relaxation.


We’ve stayed at quite a few campgrounds mostly on the East Coast of the United States. Some were great, some were not! So what we have learned over time is to do your RESEARCH. There are a ton of resources online where you can read reviews, see actual photos of sites and hear about the real experiences that other Rv’ers have had.

Some of our favorite sites to read reviews are on Google and Tripadvisor. One major tip we can share with everyone is; when traveling in the state of Florida during the month of February is to book at least 6 months in advance. Most campgrounds are fully booked due to snowbirds traveling south so planning ahead is vital. We definitely learned our lesson the hard way.

Watch Out For Warranties

Its been a year since we’ve purchased our RV brand new. We jumped into this lifestyle not knowing a thing about RV’s and how they are built. Over time we eventually learned that an RV is not built like a house. EVERYTHING is fragile and must be treated gently or it will break!

We’ve had quite a few repairs already but our major downfall was when the p-trap under our shower broke. We were in a different state from where we had purchased the RV and that lead to nothing good. We thought it would be a hassle free to just contact the manufacturer to discuss our warranty options (while in transit). Well, it wasn’t so easy after all. Every dealership recommended by the manufacturer would not do any warranty work unless we purchased from them. This caused us to be without a shower for months until we returned to the original place of purchase.

Our advice from this experience would be to just get all the information you can from the dealer about how your warranty works. If you are in transit and you are in need of repairs, how will the manufacturer accommodate your needs? Are there really dealerships/companies that will do your warranty work? Sometimes you may have to take matters into your own hands, but knowing how your warranty works will save you from stress.

There will always be repairs to come when living full-time in an RV whether you have purchased a new or used rig. So be patient, do your research and just enjoy the ride.

Go with the Flow

We currently have no exact time frame as to how long we will be on this journey. We have so much more to explore! We do know that eventually, we would like to settle down and purchase a house, but as of right now we are sticking to the road.

On our next adventure, we plan to head West, explore the open roads, visit as many states and National Parks possible.

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  1. Love how you guys are so resourceful! Got curious as to why the title was flippin travelers, now that I know your story I understand it better. Thanks for giving the heads up regarding warranty and all that, I wouldn’t have known that it would be such a hassle! And my gosh, even if you guys did buy it brand new it really doesn’t stop it from having needed repairs in a while. Anyhow, would you guys see a future where you’d be RV-ing with your (future) children?

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