Suzy’s RVing Excursion: Getting More Out Of Life

I’m Susan and a few weeks ago my house finally sold. So, I bought an RV and hit the road with my son Charlie, my daughter Kaitlyn and our dogs Ruby, Ginger and Mr. Pickles. I never expected to be a single mom doing this on my own. A couple years ago my second husband died in a car crash and it messed me up emotionally for quite a while. When I got to a stable place, I knew I no longer wanted to reside in the area I was in. Also, being able to get out from under the mortgage was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Our Home Sweet Home

We have a Silverado 4×4 5.3 crew cab and a 31ft Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite camper. I chose this mainly because of the slide in the back. It is perfect for my teenage son to have his own space. It also has a bedroom in the front, a slide for the couch, table in the living area, and a tub in the bathroom with a skylight.

We Are Just Getting Started

Before RVing full time, I had a variety of dead-end jobs. Now we sell handmade jewelry on the road. We are doing well with this and absolutely LOVE it! We appreciate traveling more since we earn our adventures.

My Many Lessons Learned

My favorite moment so far would be driving the big camper 300 miles, the first time I ever pulled a camper, all on my own! (But of course with my teenage son co-piloting).

Another memory is a couple of days into our trip the a.c. unit started making a terrible racket and tripped the breaker twice. I googled how to fix it and got up on the camper, took the a.c. apart and got it fixed. (Never worked on an a.c. before) I have had so many new and first-time experiences. I am excited about the many more first’s we will have on the road.

An embarrassing memory (not like I don’t have many) is when I emptied the sewage line for the first time. I got splattered but with the fresh line of water (thank God!). However, onlookers did not know that and were staring and laughing. I just laughed along with them.

Since we have just started I’m not sure how long we will be pioneering but I’m thinking Colorado might be our next destination.

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  1. Glad to know you are enjoying the RV life, there is a simple joy of travelling together with family and getting to see new places that cannot be compared with just staying one place. Also, the challenges you face along the way definitely help you grow as a family. Haha, repairing stuff along the way also bring out the DIY-person in you too.

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