Onward For Adventure: The Wilson Family

We started traveling part-time when our oldest was 4 months old – 4 years ago. We went to lots of places in the USA – Vegas to NYC to lots of Disney World! The constant packing and unpacking started to become too much for me so we decided to try RV life, full-time! We decided to buy an RV, rent our house and travel as a family. We have a plan to do all 49 states and Canada in the next 2 years! The transition has been easy. Nothing for work will actually change for us. I’ve been a stay at home mom since our oldest was born and my husband has worked remotely for years.

Why We Chose A Class A

When it came down to the type of RV we wanted we went with a Class A 34′ renovated motorhome. We thought a motorhome would be easier with kids for potty breaks, snacks and just fun to have huge windows! Not to mention the storage in a class A. We also weren’t interested in owning a truck so a motorhome just made the most sense for us! We just left 6 weeks ago! We have visited both sets of grandparents in 2 states and stopped at Lookout Mountain in Tennesee. We also went on a 4-generation RV trip with grandparents and great-grandparents!

Our Renovation Advice

We renovated our entire motorhome and we love it! If you are wanting to renovate and don’t know where to begin, start with 2 things! 1. Paint and 2. Flooring! If you are willing to get out a paintbrush and rip up some carpet, those 2 things will make the biggest difference! Then you could add some new pillows, blankets, bedding, hardware on cabinets and you can really transform a space to make it feel more like home!

This Is Just The Begining

We are currently finishing the last bit of renovations on the motorhome. We plan to mark off over 250 places on our bucket list! Our timeline is 2 years and we plan to take our time at each place we go! Join us and our Wilson family adventures.

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