Living Life In Between: Be Grateful For Small Things, Big Things, And Everything In Between

Gerrit and I,  Lindsey took a two-week road trip out to Colorado and just fell in love with the west. We are from Indiana, so it’s quite the drive to get all the way out there. We enjoy traveling with our two dogs, so flying wasn’t really an option. We also thought about how little vacation time you typically get with a 9-5 job and how it would take us FOREVER to explore all of the places we wanted to. Gerrit’s dad had always been fascinated with full-time RVers, so he gave us the idea and we dug a little deeper. Would this even be possible for us? Gerrit brought the idea up with his employer at the time and they thought it was a great idea and encouraged him to work remote. Two months later we had bought our rig and moved in!

Solar Eclipse in Wyoming

It is really hard to pick a favorite experience, but if I had to choose I would say our time backpacking the Wind Rivers during the solar eclipse. Our RV life has allowed us to get outside and do some incredible things. Backpacking during the total solar eclipse was one of the most exciting things we had ever gotten to experience. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Traveling with 2 Dogs

Currently, we travel with two dogs. The best piece of advice I could give on this subject has to to be, work with what you already have. Instead of buying more stuff to try and solve a particular issue you are having, try and solve that problem without adding more stuff to the mix. We have found that just reorganizing things really helps keep clutter down and leave more space for everyone else living in the RV with you. We have also learned that our smallest dog, Ella, rides a lot better in her crate. Whatever it takes to make travel less stressful for your pet is super important!

Renovations on The Road

We didn’t renovate our RV until after we had been living in it for 6 months. My biggest piece of advice would be to renovate, especially if you are going to paint BEFORE you have been living in it full time. It was such a pain to work around all of our stuff in the cabinets while we worked. Not to mention how dusty everything got.

Do Your Research Before Boondocking

Boondocking can save you so much money, but the good spots are getting more and more crowded. My advice would be to do your own research to find your camping locations and only share your spots with people you meet in person. Part of the adventure is finding that gem of a spot on your own.

Class A to a Class C

We love off-roading so this set up allows us to tow our Jeep along. This is our first rig and has worked great for us! We would like to have a smaller class C maybe that would still be able to tow the Jeep.

Finding a Work Flow on the Road

I (Lindsey) worked at dog hotel full time. Gerrit worked for a startup as a software developer, who actually let him start working remotely when we hit the road. However, since then, he has begun working for a different company as a software developer and has loved it! It is still remote. While I miss my old job from time to time, I am able to make a little bit of an income off of our YouTube channel and by selling Moant, an anti-aging hair care line.

Also, make yourself a schedule even if your job doesn’t require you to have one. Gerrit has found that having set work hours every day helps him be productive. It also really helps to have a special office space. We don’t really have that with our current set up, but Gerrit can sit at the booth with his noise-canceling headphones and feel like he has stepped into his own office space.

No Stopping Us Now

We plan to travel full time for as long as we want to! Haha! I know that sounds silly, but we see no reason to stop anytime soon. We love the lifestyle and the experiences it allows us to have as a family.

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  1. How cool that you guys saw the eclipse while backpacking. You guys seem to love being outdoors and I’m sure your dogs don’t mind one bit! It’s so interesting how you guys want to get a smaller rig, the better to be outside I guess.

  2. It’s great that you are able to find a way to make an income while doing all the travelling, I think that’s a path not everyone chooses to take. Perhaps it’s due to the fear that they’re missing out on the corporate ladder of career growth? It also takes a great partner who has similar ideals to make the travelling work out which I can see how you two are definitely both in sync! I would definitely want to live a little more and travel, even more so with a partner who shares the same love for travel! Thank you for sharing your story, true enough, we have to appreciate all the small things.

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