Daring To Be Different: Wendy And Mike

A big reason we took the leap to RV was that my husband was traveling constantly for his job and was missing so much of the kid’s milestones and family time. He had a trip to Montana (right outside Glacier National Park) and we had talked about maybe renting an RV and making a trip out of it. When we looked into the cost of renting, it was astronomical compared to buying one and then selling it if we didn’t like it after the trip. So we bought an RV and set off on this life-changing adventure six days after our initial conversation. That was five years ago and we’re still going strong. We now part-time RV all year round and love this lifestyle we have made for our family.

Why We Went With A Class A

When we talked about the style RV we wanted we thought a Class A was what would suit our family best. We would like to be able to move freely and stop and have lunch easily while on the road. We like that you can tow a vehicle rather than a vehicle towing a rig. Having space with our children is much more enjoyable than being in a truck. We bought a 2005 Monaco Windsor Class A and have called it home since we started Rving.

How We Maintain School On The Road

My husband is a developer for a healthcare provider and I have been a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher. I homeschool our three children ages 6,8 and 10. We road school and like to take the environment we are visiting and dive in deeper, reading about it, watching videos, visiting museums and writing about our experiences. This takes care of history and science. We also add in math, language arts and reading studies.

(We were traveling with our two dogs but one of our babies had to go to heaven so now we have one fur baby who enjoys traveling as much as we do.)

Adjusting to the RV Life

We love life on the road and want to share our experiences with the ones we hold near and dear. When we go back to our hometown we find we have difficulty fitting in. All of our old friends want to hear our road stories, but their lives are so different from ours and it is hard to relate to soccer games, PTA and Girl Scouts. We are finding that we feel more at home hanging out with our road friends that can relate to all the trials and tribulations of RV life.  I sometimes feel like a stranger in my hometown. With that said I enjoy traveling and enjoy coming home when we take breaks from the road. Our adventures surely outweigh everything though. The time we have with our kids, well, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Affordable Internet and Wifi

We use an AT&T Mobley which was a limited time unlimited plan that they offered last year. It’s amazing because it only cost $20 a month. I would definitely look for the offer to come up again! We love to boondock whenever we can! We just got a solar system installed on our Motorhome so now we are able to stay remotely for as long as our 100-gallon water tank will allow!

Enjoying The Experience

We are starting our sixth year of part-time travel which has included around eight months of the year. We are currently getting our home ready to sell so that we can truly be full-time and plan to enjoy every second of it!! We have crossed the US, coast to coast 28 times. We have visited 43 states and 60 National Parks, monuments and historic sites. We look forward to many more adventures living this lifestyle.

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  1. 43 states and 60 National Parks! wow, that sounds amazing. I want to explore like that! What an amazing life!

    A big thing we had a problem with too was relating to our friends who didn’t to travel. It’s a fun mix thought.

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