Traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas

Traveling To Little Rock, Arkansas

Traveling to Little Rock Arkansas was an adventure in its own, since neither Justin nor myself had lived or been anywhere other than the East and West Coast’s of the United States. I have to say even though Arkansas was one of our shortest stops, since we had only stayed there for two days, we found ourselves never running out of things to do in the forty eight hours we were there.

Downtown Riverside RV Park

Traveling To Little Rock, Arkansas

Justin and I decided to stay at the Downtown Riverside RV park, located directly across from downtown Little Rock.

Since we only stayed for two days and one night our experience was limited at Downtown  Riverside RV Park.

The amenities we had the chance to experience were:

  • They had a gated entrance. The area was a bit iffy, but the gate made us more comfortable staying there.
  • Spacious lots and RV park.
  • Large bathrooms for men and women. They were heated since it gets pretty cold there and very roomy.
  • We had access to the bridge which led to Downtown Little Rock. Even in the cold it didn’t feel like a dreadful walk and at most was 15 min to entertainment.  

Traveling To Little Rock, Arkansas

The Places We Went

With such a short time frame to enjoy Little Rock Justin and I wanted to do as much as we could. We headed to The Museum of Discovery. It was an amazing museum and we found ourselves acting like children running around and exploring. We stayed there until the afternoon which is when we went to see further down the street in Little Rock. We ate at a pizza place called Damgoode Pies that had an amazing view of the Arkansas River.

Later in the evening we met up with fellow RVers and bloggers, Kate and Matt who are also known as Wheeled and Free.They had been staying in Little Rock a bit longer than us, so we asked them if they wanted to go out and show us around for the night. We all went out for dinner and ended up grabbing drinks at a piano bar called Willy D’s Rock and Roll piano bar. It was an amazing night with Kate and Matt. We stayed out for hours and couldn’t get enough of the good music at the piano bar.

Traveling To Little Rock, Arkansas

Short But Sweet

Although we only had a mere 48 hours in Little Rock Arkansas we enjoyed every minute of it and hope to visit again soon once we get back on the road.

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