Traveling Full-Time as a Starbucks Barista

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista


Why I left Starbucks in the first place and decided to come back

In 2014 I was working at Starbucks. A few months into working there, Justin and I decided to sell everything, buy an RV and travel the country.

When Justin and I originally decided to travel in an RV and explore the United States, we assumed we would only want to do it for about a year. Here we are, nearly three years later and we can’t get enough of traveling, continuously planning our next steps in our constant adventures.

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

With that said, in all honesty coming back to Starbucks was a bit of a need for Justin and I. He was working to build up his business, which is now “Business Optimizer”, and we both agreed we needed a stable income. That’s where Starbucks comes in. Having already worked for Starbucks, I was rehired right away and with that in motion, our next stop was California.

Having the chance to work in five different states with the same company

You don’t have to work remotely, to travel full time.

Starbucks made our lives easier by solving the problem of working and traveling.

This time around when we decided to pack up and move again, I didn’t want to stop working. We decided Starbucks was a great opportunity to travel, while I still worked for them. All we needed was a Starbucks near the location we moved to and BAMM, we were in business!

Overall, the last three years that we have been moving around, I have worked at five different Starbucks locations (from Virginia to California to Oregon and now Florida) and loved every minute of being apart of their company. Starbucks made our lives easier by giving us the opportunity to move as much as we wanted to and has been a blessing for both Justin and I.


Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

Saying “Goodbye” to Starbucks, again

For many reasons I have stayed a barista at Starbucks, but it’s time to get ready for bigger and better things coming our way.

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

We are going to be parents and now that Justin’s business is fully remote-work, we agreed this is the best opportunity to structure our future. With both of us being able to stay at home it makes taking care of our soon to be “Emma” much easier and it gives us more time to focus on traveling even more than what we have been doing. We can’t wait to see what kind of adventure life will be like when we travel in an RV with a child.

On to another reason why we decided it was time to leave Starbucks. We had a bit of an accident last month in October. We were in a car accident and our truck was totaled and for the time being we have no vehicle to get me to and from Starbucks. Being pregnant on top of trying to sort that stuff out was becoming more stressful, so we decided it was just a sign to say goodbye to being apart of the Starbucks family. It’s not to say we didn’t plan on me leaving Starbucks eventually, but to have something like the loss of a vehicle, Justin and I looked at the bigger picture. We decided to take the steps to make even more adventures happen sooner than we thought we could.

So now our goal is to both be full-time travelers and full-time parents. What a way to live! To be able to have both Justin and myself raise our daughter not even having to leave our home for work.

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

Traveling Full-Time As A Starbucks Barista

To say our lives haven’t been a challenge the last few years would be a lie and to say it won’t be from here on out would be as well. We are given what we get and we have the choice to make it work. Life has gotten in the way of us wanting to travel many times. It will continue to change our roads for adventures, but we won’t let that stop us from seeing the world and creating new memories that we could only have from living life to the fullest.

And so a new adventure begins.

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