Thoughts Before Our Adventure on the Road

Thoughts Before Our Adventure on the Road

Its not easy to make a choice to live a life “on the road”. You have the ideal American dream with the big house, the kids and as much money as you can get at a regular job, but that’s not us. This all started when Justin said he had an idea, something he’s always wanted to do. Justin was just so excited and had such an open mind to the lifestyle, that it made me excited and when I said let’s do it, well let me see where to start…

We Have a Truck & RV!

It’s only been about four months, we decided to do this sometime in October 2014. It now being February 2015 we have bought the RV (our home) and we have bought the truck also known as the Bartholomew the Big Motherf@#ker.

Finding the Perfect RV Was a Process

We definitely have had our ups and downs through the buying process, before the RV we have now we were close to buying one in not so good shape but it was the floor plan we had planned for and the style. Sadly it was sold, but a blessing nonetheless. As well as the truck we had found one for what we thought was a good deal but adding a few thousand dollars more it helped us out incredibly with the quality of the truck. Not saying it has to be new but if you want something to last its best to invest. Ha! That rhymed so it must be true.

This New Lifestyle Excites Me

For me, so far and I know I’m not the only one, I have already almost checked out of work and you know what I mean. When all you can see is yourself in your new lifestyle, where you have these amazing experiences and wave your old home goodbye. All I want is to live this life to the fullest and if there was anyway to do that it would be to travel this amazing country we call home. To see all these amazing places and land marks. Oh! The people in the states, I cant wait to see how every state is different. You are lying to yourself if you think every place is the same.

We are so excited for the adventures and the people we will get to meet along the way!

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