The Struggles of Organizing Our RV

The Struggles of Organizing Our RV

I guess we will start with our kitchen! Know if you don’t know Justin and I bought the RV with no oven or stove and that has been a big challenge because we currently don’t even have a counter top there leaving us with less space in the kitchen as minimal as it already was! Our successful ways of getting past this problem are…

1) We bought a two burner stove top, Does the job and is easy to put away. We already don’t cook large or complex meals so until them the stove top will do fine.

2) Toaster Oven! We never go a day without using it. We of course bought it because we have no oven but being the simple people we are it works fantastically!

3) Coffee maker. We were able to find ours at Walmart for $40 I think. Our favorite part of the coffee maker is that we can prep the coffee the night before and set a timer for the coffee to be made in the morning with an alarm to wake us up to a nice fresh batch of coffee! Yum!

We usually keep the coffee maker and the toaster oven in the counter pushed back leaving plenty of room on the counter. As for the the stove top we place it above the sink in the kitchen with the pots and pans. even with the minimal counter space we couldn’t wish for a better kitchen.

Our living space is a bit more difficult. You think having a smaller space means less mess. Wrong, we have been able to get ride of the things we didn’t need but we still had to find some way to not be so cluttered. We found some amazing storage cubbys for the cabinets above the living space and for the entertainment space. above the living space we needed them for our files and for our charges/cords and books. For the entertainment space we needed an easy way to store our games and movies, so what better way then a storage cubby plus it makes it easier to pull the whole thing out and fine what you are looking for!
We have three large blankets and we decided to store them under the couch leaving more space for the rest of the things we need stored away.

Since we still have that soft spot near the bathroom door we placed a TV tray on the spot with some decorations do add more life to the room as well as keep us and others from stepping on it. Having my video equipment I had a hard time finding places to put them. If you just look up how much or how large this stuff can be you will now my struggles. I place the video lighting equipment under our desk leaving plenty of foot room and no hassle in the storage spaces! We have a small dresser like storage space between the couch and the desk were we keep my microphones and extra books not pads and Teddy’s (our dogs) grooming supply’s and treats.

Its been a long process trying to find where things go and to be honest we still have trouble making up our minds on where we wan things, but we will figure it out.

Hope you enjoyed this information. Justin and I have sure enjoyed figuring it out! 

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