The Great Journey Ahead Of Us

The Great Journey Ahead Of Us

]We have such a great journey in our sights. Only a little over 3 months ago we were looking at luxury apartments, now we’ve made the decision to travel and call ourselves “Full-Time RVers”. A lot of people look at us now in admiration, not realizing that it’s possible to take these steps at such an early age.


They talk of retirement and how they wish to be able to do what we are doing in 10-20 years. Yet the possibility is there now. The lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it seems and ultimately it’s much cheaper versus a S&B (Stick and Brick).

I’ll do a quick breakdown of where we are at and where we are going.

So far we have spent…

  • $17,500: 2008 Ford F-250 Crewcab XLT 4×4 6.4L Diesel
  • $5,500: 2005 Coachmen Chapparal 271RBS Travel Trailer

What we need to do…

  • Get Rid of EVERYTHING – ha!
  • Register The Truck
  • Have RV Inspected (for any issues we don’t catch)
  • Purchase a Water Heater
  • Fix Water Leaks – There’s 3
  • Renovate The Flooring
  • Receive & Attach Ball Hitch
  • Purchase Motorcycle Ramp & Straps
  • Plan Our First Destination, Monthly Expenses & Meetings
  • Achieve Joelles Savings Goal for the First 12 Months

Whew, we’ve got a lot ahead of us but it’s all apart of our journey.  Joelle and I are both extremely excited to see where life takes us and now that we have the truck and RV we’re almost to the starting line!

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