The Good The Bad and The Best Parts About Work Camping

The Good The Bad and The Best Parts About Work Camping

Lets start with what “Work Camping” is. At least for full timers it is when you can work at RV resorts doing things such as working at the front desk,Maintenance, cleaning, and so on.

I was very hesitant to work camp mainly because I didn’t want to have problems (if there were any). I really wanted the resort to keep feeling like a nice get away or paradise. Another issue i was worried about was being payed. Justin and I will only be here for one more month so we wanted to be payed rather than have our rent either payed for or lowered. some places have either or but thankfully I am able to get payed.

That is something really big to talk about when you get hired long term or just temporarily. Make sure you and your campgrounds are on the same level for how you will be payed.

I have currently been work camping for four weeks and here are the good the bad and the best parts of work camping for me. You live where you work. No matter how much I am relaxing in my Rv if I see the staff having a hard time I go help. Not saying it isn’t fun I wouldn’t change that honestly, I know about everything going on and I love being apart of it.

Now on to what I love about work camping. When you work camp you obviously are staying in the same place where you work and live and I get to see my hard work everyday. I really appreciate our RV resort more after knowing what it takes to make it every ones home.

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