Open Road Chronicles: On The Road Again

Open Road Chronicles- On The Road Again

We did it! Justin and I are back on the road traveling in an RV. This time with our sweet little Emma. It has been a long journey of waiting and dreaming. We knew we wanted to travel again right when we stopped. It was just a matter of how to get back on the road.

A New Chapter in Our Chronicles

Open Road Chronicles- On The Road Again

This first month back to the life of RVing has had its challenges. When we first traveled, it was just us, our dog Teddy and cat Tally. This time we have a tiny human to create adventures with, and each road trip means so much more than it used to, in every way.

We had to create a new system to pack up our RV and unpack our RV to where we didn’t feel overwhelmed with Emma. I myself am a very hands-on person, so I was very confused on what to do taking care of Emma while Justin did most of the heavy packing. We need to take many more stops for Emma and decided we won’t spend more than 5 hours on the road while traveling with her each trip. Personally, it just flows better with our family. This way we go slower and enjoy every location we stop in.

Open Road Chronicles- On The Road Again

As for where we plan to go this time around. We are heading back to Florida for a week or two. Justin and I will collect the rest of our things we left in our apartment and head up northeast.

We have our friends Eric and Krista, along with their daughter Stella who we plan to caravan with up through the northern states and down the west coast states. From there we may or may not continue to travel with them. Justin and I have no idea where we want to go now. We just want to travel and experience everything we can.

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