Let’s Talk About Pets in an RV

Let's Talk About Pets in an RV


If it’s one thing people say they know, it’s their pets.

This goes out to all of you fellow RVers who think you can just bring your pet (dog specifically for me) into an RV and not expect any behavioral changes from your furry friend. An animal is very sensitive, no matter how they seem. Just like us they like to feel comfortable. If you take their favorite sleeping spot from them, when you move to a smaller home, don’t be shocked when they can’t get enough of you to feel comfortable.


Teddy (our Dog) has always slept on the top of our old couch and has slept next to me, off the bed, but now our couch isn’t big enough for him at the top and the side of our bed is too tight at the floor for him to see me at night. So with those changes alone, he is more clingy and much more quiet.

Let's Talk About Pets in an RV

Just remember that your pet are having to get used to this lifestyle for you, you have chosen this, so make it exciting for them. Justin and I try to take Teddy out of the RV as often as we can. That way we can help him get accustomed to living in the RV with us, even while we are working, so he knows we can’t always hold him or play.

The Changes Can Be Good and Bad

Your goal should be to help make them feel comfortable with their new living space and the constant change of environments. Seeing so many new places will be very exciting for you, but can confuse your furry friend. Not having the same smell in the air and not knowing where there home is, can be rough.

Let's Talk About Pets in an RV

Teddy was so used to our townhouse, he could run about five houses down and if he saw us he would be okay. Now, however, he might run and freak out because he doesn’t have the place he thought was home in within sight.

I understand that every dog, cat, etc. is different, but you get where I’m coming from. I don’t have any kids, yet he is my child. I’ve had him for 3 years, so for me if he isn’t happy, neither am I. When you do travel try to find things your dog might like, for example local dog parks, beaches that allow dogs or even hikes/trails. Finding time for fresh air will give them there basic wants as an active animal.

Backstory on Our Dog Teddy – The Poodle Terrier

Teddy himself is not fond of water or other dogs which I’ll will explain soon, but Justin and I hope to help his fears with going to parks and letting him meet other types of dogs.

He was in a puppy mill and was rescued by an animal shelter that was going to put down the entire group of dogs they found. Thankfully Bree Justice, married now Bree Sullivan, was able to save him and more dogs, and happily put them up for adoption, which is how we grew to know her and meet Teddy.

My parents had another dog that Teddy grew up with. Teddy wasn’t an alpha dog at all, so he was always around my parents dog.

Let's Talk About Pets in an RV

Once I moved away with him, he needed me to lead him and with that he became more of a person dog. He isn’t very social with other dogs, but my biggest goal while we travel is for him to open up around other dogs and be the friendly dog we know him as.

Where We Found Teddy – Justice 4 Mutts

If you are interested in getting a furry friend or would like to have an addition to your animal loved ones please go to this Facebook page.

Let's Talk About Pets in an RV

Bree would love to find you the right fit. She is a beautiful person and continues to find these dogs and cats all over Texas, while still managing to take care of her son and work. If you don’t feel the want to add to your animal family, any donations help. Justice 4 Mutts is a non-profit organization. It goes to feeding and getting the shots for the new rescues.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post, it was posted up a little later than usual because we’ve been so busy working on the RV and I just left my job with Starbucks. I look forward to writing more often on the blog and appreciate any comments you may have!

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