How We Made Friends on the Road

How We Made Friends On The Road

Anyone who travels wants to experience the world in many different ways. One of those ways is by meeting all types of people. It’s the best way -in my opinion- to develop an understanding of the world around us we never really have the chance to know. I have grown so much these last three years traveling and having to break out of my shell to be more independent and go out there and make friends. It’s a privilege to be able to say Justin and I know people in many different states, even countries, all because we decided to make our lives unimaginably adventurous.

When we first hit the road neither of us really questioned the idea of making friends. We had each other, and for us that was and still is all we need, it really wasn’t something that crossed our minds. So, once we reached our destinations we experienced the many different ways to not drive ourselves crazy, one way was making friends with people in our new locations.

The Many Friendships We Made

I don’t think I have to tell you how to make friends, but the ways we made friends while traveling have changed how we go about finding the best people to befriend.

Facebook has been an amazing platform to meet other RVers and share amazing experiences with strangers who we have memorable moments with. During our time in Raleigh we had just started branching out to people on social media and ran into some incredibly kind people. One of the many people we had the chance to meet was Andy Scheider. His family travels with him, and he, believe it or not is a chicken whisperer! How cool! I would have never known that was something people did, but he loves it and its how they travel the US. Justin and I would have never met Andy and his family if we did not use the Facebook groups with thousands of other RVers. I mean, what a way to meet someone.

We have friends we have never met and talk to on a daily basis. With the first notion of friendship being we had the passion for traveling as a common ground. Our friends Kali and Josh are also expecting a baby in February, just two days after our little one is due. To be able to share a connection like that with someone who we haven’t even met in person is such an amazing experience. Our other friends Eric and Krista have been traveling with their little girl, Stella and have mainly been boondocking. They always talk about how much they love it and the freedom of being disconnected. Justin and I have not had much experience with boondocking but we can’t wait to try it out with Eric, Krista and of course Stella.

How We Made Friends On The Road

Events at RV parks can be a great way to meet fellow RVers and if anything hear some amazing stories from amazing people. One memory that I have is when we were staying at Anchor Down Rv Resort and for Halloween we spent the evening with families who dressed up with their kids and went trick or treating. The whole RV park was decorated with RVs who had Halloween lights and cobwebs all over them. I had never thought of trick or treating at an RV park, but boy was it awesome to see so many people celebrate it at Anchor Down. It’s apparently common for Rv resorts to have events throughout the year for holidays or even just random weekend events. It’s something to look forward to, for both the events and the people you get to meet who just want to have a good time as well.

 How We Made Friends On The Road

Justin and I have a few other ways we made friends one being attending marketing event’s. Justin can work remotely, but sometimes having interactions with other entrepreneurs makes him even more fired up to be a better person in and out of business. Some of the nicest, friendliest people we met where other very dedicated business owners. Now we tend to stay in places a bit longer than some RVers, so we try to find friends that not only RV but live locally in whatever area we are currently in. It’s a great way to really experience your temporary home without being all on your own. Locals know all the best spots and can be some of the best friends you make.

How We Made Friends On The Road

Know I know I mention Starbucks almost every time I write, but it’s for good reason I promise. Since we work on the road internet isn’t always the best, so Starbucks is our go to for the times we need to get some work done. Besides it being a temporary office for Justin and I, we ALWAYS find friends when we go to Starbucks. We are, well rather Justin is a very drawing person. Everyone loves to talk to him, and we are just very approachable people I guess to where we never have a day we don’t make a new friend when we visit Starbucks.

How We Made Friends On The Road

Many of our favorite memories are with friends we have made on the open road, they are moments we look back on and remind us of all the amazing times we had in different places. I have to say though, Justin will always be that one person I will want to have every experience with. He is my best friend and of course we aren’t perfect. We have our “I need my space” moments. But with that said, who doesn’t? My best advise through this whole post is, weather you travel alone, have pets, or have a family, be sure you are okay with having those moments not being around anyone other than who you travel with. Your journey is so much more than each destination. It’s the moments before you reach your next RV park, your first snow day in an RV, dumping your black water tank for the hundredth time and doing rock paper scissors on who has to pull the lever. Those moments that you wouldn’t change no matter how crazy, I know Justin has made some pretty unbearable moments the best memories in my life.  So, enjoy your adventures with whoever you chose to spend those moments with.

Happiness is only real, when shared.

-Into The Wild-

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