How We Find The Best RV Parks

How We Find The Best RV Parks

Out of the many questions Justin and I are asked all the time. One question that I am always excited to give an answer for is, “How did you find an RV park that works for you?”. To me this question has a very simple answer.

Whatever our needs are! This can vary between RVers depending on what you have in your home, the amount of time you will be at that RV park and your budget. With that said we would love to share our knowledge from this last year and what we have learned. We’ve found many tips that are important to us when we are looking for an RV park to call our temporary home.


As you probably know our first stop was in Raleigh, NC, and I feel we made an amazing discovery with Raleigh Oaks RV Resort. It definitely spoiled us. If you get a chance to visit Raleigh Oaks in North Carolina you will understand what I’m trying to say. With that said, Justin and I have learned about the certain things we want in an RV park, while also learning about the things we don’t want.

Making the RV park feel like home is key to being happy when you travel to different cities, states and environments.

Here is a list of what we make sure RV parks have before we decide to stay and make it our home.

1. Other Full-Time RVers

This is huge and one of the most important because if its an RV park that stays open all year then there should be other full-timers there. If there not, note that in your head and find out why. It can get lonely if there aren’t other full-timers as you won’t see familiar faces all that often.

2. Space Availability

Tight spaces are not our friends! So when we see an RV park with little to no room we just turn around, if we can ha.

We have stayed in a few RV parks where we had to go up a hill… a TIGHT HILL to get to our spot. Another sign is when you can’t park your truck, additional vehicle or bikes with ease. We’ve even found spaces that are so tight that we can’t put our slides out comfortably.

3. Up to Date Grounds

For the two of us this means when we drive in the RV park the gravel isn’t rundown, it’s flood safe and there aren’t many potholes. This doesn’t mean the gravel can’t be rough, that’s why we have a truck, it just needs to be kept up. Other things to look out for would include updated amenities, hookups that aren’t about to explode (trust me they’re out there) and clean bathrooms. Typically if the bathrooms are dirty, they aren’t really there to make you feel comfortable.

4. Location is Key

Now this can vary depending on what you do for a living and where you need to be to work.

Justin and I need to be closer to the actual city. I recently started working at Starbucks again and we live less than 10 minutes away. The great part is when Justin and I both have business meetings we still only have to drive 10-15 minutes to our destination, versus when we lived in Raleigh where we had to drive over 45 minutes.

If you do not work and want more of a solitude location then that is what you would look for. My only thing with being in a more isolated area is to check for stores to get groceries and for locations for activities. The last thing you want is to have an amazing distant location but with nothing to do.

Quick Update on Our Journey in 2016

We’ve been making some huge waves in California and are having huge opportunities put in front of us. Since the RV parks here aren’t all that great (they charge higher rates for just a basic lot), we were able to rent an acre and a half of land for much less! In fact, we’re going to be staying here for some time and saving up money to make sure we don’t run into any roadblocks (like when our turbos went out on the truck earlier this year). If you’d like to see more frequent updates, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we update them with pictures quite often.

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