Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park

Since last September, when Justin and I settled into Oregon, we still had the urge to get out and explore. We don’t have the funds, nor the want to have an apartment and RV, so our compromise was to get a tent and camp as much as we wanted. In May we set off on a road trip down to California to visit Yosemite. That’s a whole nother story in its self. We booked three places but ended up staying at one, Harris Beach State Park. We wanted to camp somewhere far enough to enjoy the outdoors but not too far out of our general direction for Yosemite.

Harris Beach is located in Brookings, Oregon, which is roughly 6 hours from where we live. This state park is named after the Scottish pioneer, George Harris, who settled here in the 1880s This place is along with camping spots has RV lots and Yurts they rent out. I was blown away with how well kept it was along with how secluded it felt.


*When we went there, the whole place was inviting and relaxing. Our neighbors were friendly and fun to be around. We were not placed right next to one another either. We had our own private campsite to enjoy.
*From what I could see, the RV lots were spacious and they all seemed to have a nice view of the beach.
* This was definitely more of a hideaway getaway campground. I enjoyed being shut out from the world and really enjoyed the location for what it was, serene

Now onto the best part about this Stat Park. The beach!

Something I was looking forward to the whole time we planned our trip was the beach here. The night we got there it was around 6 pm or 7 pm and we just wanted to relax and enjoy the camping aspect. Emma loved walking all around the campground saying hello to all the campers. Fun, but the next morning while Justin slept in, Emma and I hiked down the little trail to the beach. This trail was so easy anyone can do it! I enjoyed the views heading down but the moment you step on the beach, it’s breathtaking, nothing but open ocean.

Harris Beach State Park
Not My Photo

I sadly didn’t take a single photo of the beach. That tells you something though, to truly disconnect was amazing and worth it. I really enjoyed the morning stroll and so did Emma, The beach was very open and not many people were there, so it felt like we had it all to ourselves.

So, if you are ever near Brookings, Oregon, visit Harris Beach, you won’t be disappointed.
Happy Travels.

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