Finding Our Ground in an RV

Finding Our Ground in an RV

It has been about two months since the day we moved in to our home on wheels. I think we have had our fair share of adjustments.

The challenges we’ve faced have helped us grow.

I think everyone has their idea of what moving into a new home will be like. For an RV or a brick home. Jokingly I say that we should stop that. Don’t get me wrong I have loved every minute of our new home, it’s just challenging keeping the space clean because god knows if I put a freaking towel on the ground it looks like a hot mess in here! So let’s talk!

The first thing I will start with will be adjusting to the smaller space with my love. We are 100% comfortable with each other and moving into an RV has definitely let us know exactly where our comfortably is. I have never really liked falling asleep alone, I just can’t do it. So being able to have Justin less than 10 feet from the room makes it more comforting for me. Also the openness of the RV layout is something we love about RVing.

Their are a few downsides to living in a small space, but we’ve managed to use them to our advantage.

The downside of the small space is the arguments and the sometimes needed alone time we need. To be honest I am a bit of a hot head when it comes to arguments and when I am mad it takes a while to calm down so only having a small space or a door that you can hear through is difficult to get used to. So this experience so far has helped us cope with those problems and has really open our eyes to the important things in our relationship.

Overall, it was a bit challenging at first. Only after a few months, our relationship has prospered and we are only continuing to love each other more and more.


Once we moved into the RV we really have been able to live more and we haven’t even started traveling yet. A big reason has been because we limit our time in the RV with only so much to do (not saying there isn’t much to do) but any one who has lived in a smaller home of any kind will get that it really makes you want to get out and do things, not just sit at home. It has actually helped us become less lazy too! So that concludes our good and bad experiences so far in our home with the smaller space.

Now, onto how we manage to keep the RV clean.

I don’t think anyone can deny that when you downsize to a smaller space, figuring out the important things is a very hard thing to do. At least for me it took a good week or two after moving in and them some. I keep finding things we don’t need or haven’t used at all. Organizers have played a large role in organizing our RV but we like to have everything in either cubbys or close-able containers. Luckily we have storage, like no other, in the bathroom and above the living room slideout.

Having all wood floors has been a big change as well and sweeping on a weekly basis has become a hobby of ours now. Love it though. I do recommend that you have a spot for every little thing you have, label them if you have to. It just makes it so much more homey and cozy. Having a dog is also a challenge with cleaning. Our dog, Teddy, doesn’t shed but he does have a bed and a toy that he places any where he wants, so I have made a spot just for him that he is learning to enjoy.

These are all in my opinion and how we have experienced things, while we are still renovating the RV, so these are how we have dealt with it all. It has not been a smooth adjustment but we have enjoyed the ride of our adventures we have had so far.

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