Family in Mora, New Mexico

Family In Mora, New Mexico

Traveling is an adventure in itself. You have so many things to experience, whether it’s with your spouse, children or just you being a bad-ass as soloing across the United States, but to have the opportunity to see anyone you want at anytime of year is a true blessing. Justin and I are very thankful for that when it comes to traveling full time.

Family In Mora, New Mexico

Continuing our cross country adventure our next stop was Mora, NM. There we had Justin’s aunt, uncle and cousins whom he had not seen since they were little kids. We came to Mora just in time for Thanksgiving and had such an amazing experience with family we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet, if we hadn’t decided to travel in an RV.

The Things We Enjoyed in Mora, New Mexico

The first thing we noticed in Mora was how green it was and how untouched a lot of the land was. It was almost unreal and to think people just lived there all the time and are able to see these amazing views everyday. Mora is a very small town and it mainly consisted of a large road with stores, banks and a school for all grades. It was simple and very refreshing to see. Justin’s family lived right out of town as do most residents in Mora, so we had our own private land basically with his family to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Just south of Mora is a larger city called Las Vegas…(no not the party city Las Vegas) where Justin’s cousins said they went when they wanted to go shopping or get into the city for a while. The evening of Thanksgiving I went with Justin’s cousin’s to Las Vegas for black Friday and spent most of the night finding places to shop. It was still a treat to see Las Vegas at night and get a whole different side of New Mexico.

Family In Mora, New Mexico

Even though we did not live in the RV while staying with family we had amazing outdoor experiences. They had about five large mountain dogs that stayed outside all day and loved it. We went on little walks around their property and the dogs followed us. Speaking of walking around we had just amazing views in every direction we went. All either of us wanted to do was be outside despite of how cold it was and later in the week it snowed, but that didn’t stop us nor did it stop Teddy (our dog) from joining his big fellow dog friends on adventures.

Family In Mora, New Mexico

A Trip to Remember

I always look back on our trip to Mora, not only because the family we spent time with or the views we constantly talk about, but the fact that without Justin and I being Full-time RVers we never would have been able to meet that part of his family and have a very memorable holiday with people who could have been distant relatives to us the rest of our lives. We message and talk to his cousin’s all the time, since we try to stay in the loop of each other’s lives now. That is what I think everyone can really take from traveling full time, is that with all the adventures and amazing new places we experience it really is the people who you CHOOSE to surround yourself with. When you full-time that makes it worth every flat tire, every frozen pipe, oops moments and every oh no I forgot moments. With the right people around you any rough situation can be a memorable experience.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.


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