48 Hours in Amarillo, Texas

48 Hours In Amarillo, Texas

On to our next adventure where we stayed in Amarillo and experienced Texas for the first time. Originally we were going to stop in Oklahoma, but we decided to skip that state and head for big old Texas.

Staying at Amarillo Ranch RV Park

We ended up in Amarillo and planned on staying at this one RV park, which ended up being in terrible shape (Name of RV park) and had no outside lights. We were literally in the dark trying to set up our RV to a lot that almost ended up blowing a fuse when we tried plugging it in! Not to mention there was no help or even an office at the RV park.

48 Hours In Amarillo, Texas

Thankfully, I had seen a sign for an RV park a few miles back and we immediately agreed that going there would be a better option. That brings us to Amarillo Ranch RV Park.

Overall Amarillo Ranch RV Park was amazing yet very simple in a positive way.

  • Everyone that worked there was incredibly friendly and most of them that worked there also camped, so they were fellow RVers.
  • They had an indoor swimming pool and hot tub (it was very cold there when we went in November).
  • Bathrooms with showers.
  • They had a lounge room with a kitchen, fireplace and books to read.

The Big Texas Ranch and Brewery

Since we had decided to stay for two days and two nights we wanted to go to The Big Texas Ranch and Brewery, which is a large restaurant that holds a steak eating competition. The RV park provides a FREE limo ride to the restaurant and back home to your RV.

Once we arrived we went in and explored before we went to go eat. They had a small arcade/game area and a huge gift shop to keep you occupied while waiting for your table.

Not too long after arriving we were seated and served amazing food. We enjoyed live folk music that came to the tables and sang any requested song they were able to sing. How awesome! Being as full as we were we still ended up buying pastries that they sold at the pastry shop, which was also in the restaurant.

To finish off an amazing evening we took our limo ride home and enjoyed a chilly walk with our dog Teddy under the stars at Amarillo Ranch RV Park.

48 Hours In Amarillo, Texas

Best Taco Shop Around   

We didn’t go to many places since we felt more like being introverts while in Amarillo, Texas, but the one memorable place we went to other than The Big Texas Ranch and Brewery was Taco Villa, the best taco shop we have ever been to. Justin’s favorite part of it was how they made the tacos and put full slices of tomato on the taco. YUM! We are simple people and this place met our basic needs and beyond. Check it out if you are ever in Amarillo, Texas.

A Wonderful Accident  

Justin and I could have let a bad situation get the best of us, but thankfully our optimism overcame the bad situation of a not so nice RV park. If we hadn’t of seen the billboard telling us about Amarillo Ranch RV Park, we would have just kept going through Texas. We wouldn’t of  been able to experience this with the little time we had to spare before heading to New Mexico for Thanksgiving. With that said keep your eyes open for hidden blessings, this sure was one.

We have nothing to lose and a world to see


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