Young, Wild and Full-Time RVing: Shelby and Adam

Young, Wild and Full-Time RVing: Shelby and Adam

Adam being military, we have spent a good portion of our marriage living apart, while simultaneously moving every six months to a year. The RV gave us the opportunity to have a home, and stay together. Basically, I was tired of white walls and beige carpets and wanted to follow him around like a stage five clinger!

Starting New In  Our RV

We went a bought a 2006 heartland bighorn. We were sold on the washer/dryer hookups and walk-in closet. We also felt it had a unique layout and ample storage. We replaced the carpet with vinyl flooring, painted everything, replaced the trim, curtains, and all of the furniture. We installed a day bed and removed most of the overhead cabinets. We also faux ship-lapped the majority of our walls because painting over the existing flaws wasn’t an option.

Young, Wild And Full-Time RVing Shelby And Adam

Thankfully I already had a remote job as an online ESL teacher, so this made the transition into full-timing fairly simple. There have been instances when RV parks did not have ample WiFi, and I had to teach in my car parked outside of McDonald’s or Starbucks. Can you imagine the looks I got from people passing by as I seemingly was talking to myself in my car playing with finger puppets? Since we started RVing we bought a WiFi extender off Amazon that has helped somewhat with getting a stronger connection. This has helped us stay connected while traveling in any circumstances.

Young, Wild And Full-Time RVing Shelby And Adam

Joy’s Of Traveling

We’ve stayed in Nashville, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, and California. My personal favorite was Arizona. We both love hiking and the weather was much more comfortable than south Texas where we came from!

My favorite experience so far has been meeting other full-time RVers who are on the road. This is a pretty tight-knit community, so it’s been fun getting to actually meet the people behind their pictures on Instagram.

Young, Wild And Full-Time RVing Shelby And Adam

Our Adventurous Cat

My cat probably enjoys this lifestyle more than the rest of us. I blame the ever-changing backyards views on her new found talent as a master escape artist. She has learned how to slide the screen door open, how to open the living room window, and is known to stealthily dart out of the open door without being seen until hours later when I glance out the window to see her terrorizing squirrels and birds. She has a brave adventurous heart just like her mama.

Doing What Makes Us Happy

We are fast approaching our one year RV anniversary, and neither of us feel that God is calling us to pursue “traditional” living just yet. In fact, we aren’t sure suburbia, or sticks and bricks in general, will ever be for us.

Young, Wild And Full-Time RVing Shelby And Adam

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