Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

Amanda and I (Sarah) started full-time RVing in April of 2017 with the intent of traveling around the U.S., working in different locations and maintaining our online businesses. We moved into our “Pod” fully in October 2017 and lived in it full-time for a while, finishing our 9-5 jobs in Austin, Texas.

Living in a major metropolitan city, we both longed to live a life of adventure away from the busyness of the city life. We were tired of paying too much rent for the small place we had and commuting over an hour to work each way. It took us roughly 9 months to completely downsize our belongings to just the necessities and things that would fit in the Pod. Our travel trailer measures exactly 120 sq ft of living space!

The Smaller The Better

We have a 2017 Rpod 178 travel trailer and our towing vehicle is a 2012 Dodge Durango V8. We wanted to truly downsize and travel full-time in a small space. The truck has plenty of power to pull the trailer up and down mountains. We absolutely love the Rpod.

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

Our Transition Into RVing

Before we took off and began traveling full-time, Amanda worked as a personal assistant/nanny for a family in downtown Austin. She had been in this particular career for roughly 10 years and was ready to make a change. Now, Amanda has started her own business as a travel agent and is able to work fully online while traveling. Visit her website here – Reeves Travel.

I (Sarah) used to work in customer service for a number of years and also started my own social media management business before RVing full-time. I continued this business on the road and have since added a few more clients. In addition to our online businesses, we also workcamp in various parts of the country. See our Facebook page for our up-to-date travel adventures.

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

Our Favorite Trip So Far

One of our favorite experiences has been the week that we spent in Moab, Utah while traveling from Texas to Washington. Moab is basically paradise for any outdoorsy, adventure-seeking person. It is centrally located among several state and national parks and endless outdoor activities right at your fingertips. We had a great time exploring in Arches

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

A Funny Learning Experience

Now, looking back, one of the funniest memories we had when we first boondocked at a travel stop. We had pulled in about 7 pm and had parked off to the side, away from the large trucks. We continued on with our evening, made some dinner, walked the pup and then get ready for bed. It took a while to get used to all the new sounds and noises coming from the speakers and trucks driving around. Finally, after about an hour of trying to settle down, we hear this extremely loud knock on the door. Of course, we are startled and jolt out of bed. Looking out the door, we see a man in a fluorescent yellow shirt, the staff of the gas station, telling us that we are not allowed to park here. Little did we know there are very specific lanes that a trailer can park in to stay overnight!

Advice From Our Pup

Jovie, our little Shihtzu has enjoyed every second of full-time RVing. She is quite the adventurous dog – loves hiking, kayaking and exploring new areas. Our piece of advice is to make sure that your pet is up-to-date on all flea/tick prevention medication. Since Jovie goes hiking so much, she is more prone to tick bites and has experienced two since we have been on the road. She did not have any complications with the bite, but hopefully, those little pests stay off of her.

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

Continuing To Seek More Adventure

We don’t have a set time for RVing full-time, although we don’t see it ending any time soon. We have really enjoyed seeing new parts of the country and hope to continue our adventure for a few years, at least. Next, we are headed to workcamp at the sugar beet harvest in Sidney, Montana. We’re looking forward to a challenging job and meeting new people too!

Two Peas In An R-Pod With Sarah And Amanda

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