Traveling Paulson’s: Our New Adventures Await

Traveling Paulson’s- Our New Adventures Await

Before we decided to hit the road, I (Brittany) was, and still am a stay at home mom. My husband Kevin was in the Navy. Once he left the military he became a wind turbine commissioner. His work has him traveling all over the U.S. He would be gone for two months at a time, and only home for maybe a week or so. Because of this, my husband was missing out on everything. Family events, our son’s first birthday, and holidays. We grew tired of living like this so we decided to buy our 5th wheel and travel with him. I admit it did take me some time to get used to the idea of living in a 5th wheel. I’m just happy that our family is together every day. That’s my favorite part of RVing.

Traveling Paulson’s- Our New Adventures Await

Our Home On The Road

When we decided to RV we went with a Keystone Cougar 368MBI pulled by our truck an F350. After looking at different plans and models this is the one we fell in love with. It’s what worked for our family.

Traveling Paulson’s- Our New Adventures Await

A Funny Start To RVing

We had just finished everything up at the Dealership when they told my husband to take the 5th wheel to the other side of the building, while I was in the bathroom changing our son. I was knee-deep into changing this poopy diaper when my husband called saying he had an accident. While making a turn he hit our 5th wheel into another on the lot. I, of course, thought that he was joking. I mean we had only owned it for ten minutes! Needless to say, it wasn’t a joke. Thankfully the other trailer was not damaged. Ours was merely cosmetic, unlike my husband’s ego. And that was the start of our adventure.

Traveling Paulson’s- Our New Adventures Await

Traveling With Kids

When it comes to keeping your kids entertained, be prepared for many different environments. You will not always have great internet so DVDs are great to have around when you are all in the RV. Also, try to find a park nearby get to know the area you are in. There are plenty of RV parks that are very accommodating to kids. The kiddos will enjoy playing and it will help your sanity.

Traveling While We Can

For the next couple of years, we plan to travel while our son is still young. The goal is to stop before he starts school, but that could always change.

Traveling Paulson’s- Our New Adventures Await

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