The RV Life Brings Us Together with Long By Five

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

Choosing to live in an RV was the decision that made the most sense, Zachary has traveled for work for several years. He is a National Project Manager for a Disaster Restoration Company. He handles large commercial insurance losses. The kiddos were growing up without him. I (Jahnae) chose this lifestyle for us so we can be together. We had already homeschooled and were renters so all we had to do was downsize our belongings!

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

Picking Our Home For The Road

When it became time to decide what RV we would be living in, we went with a 3500 Chevy Silverado DRW Truck and Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS RV. We traded in our Suburban at the same dealership for the Silverado. The 5er was honestly the first one we stepped into and it had all our must haves!

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

Our Experience As Newbies

One of the most memorable RVing moments that we always laugh about is when we pulled into a state park after dark. Lesson #1 – DON’T pull into a park after dark, especially just one month into your RV journey! We then proceeded to sideswipe a tree, no major damage, but we did break a rain gutter on the back of the rig. As the newbies we are, we decided we would also try to back in our 43.5′ monster. That took FOREVER and a day. We finally get leveled, hooked up our sewage and power and water. We all get inside to start to relax for the night and then we realize we had ZERO signal! Because Zachary NEEDS to be able to be contacted 24/7, we packed a quick bag and went to the nearest hotel. Lesson #2 – Always ask about cell signal or wi-fi. This park also did NOT have any wi-fi. Yeah, that was a fun day.

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

Tips On The Road

We chose to homeschool our kids even before RVing, but we have noticed our kids enjoy it way more now that we RV. The best part of homeschooling and RVing is we use our travels to teach the kids hands on! They appreciate what they learn more when they experience it first hand.

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

Budgeting is a tricky thing when you are constantly traveling. When it comes to costs, staying monthly at a centrally located RV park gives us a chance to explore the area all around us with our children.

Feeling At Home With RVing

When it comes to settling down, we have no plans to stop RVing. There are just way too many experiences still out there to think about stopping.  Our favorite thing about RVing is meeting new friends wherever we go and we want to continue to enjoy other RVers company.

The RV Life Brings Us Together With Long By Five

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