The Road To Possibilities: Mason And Katherine Hall

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

Katherine and I (Mason) have had the idea of full-time RVing since 2017. Katherine had recently graduated from nursing school (BSN, RN) and had almost a year of experience. We had met and lived in Ft. Myers, Florida for about 6 years when we decided we wanted to see the remainder of the U.S. and maybe find a more suitable area for us to call home. After a year of due diligence, Katherine and I decided traveling full-time would be our best bet to adventure while scoping out the best spot for us to settle down in the future. We have been in the renovation process of our trailer since October 2018, but have set a date to begin our full time travels for June 23, 2019, indefinitely.

Picking The Right RV

So far, just packing up our home for 5 years have been rough. Downsizing is bitter-sweet, but we are eager to see what all is really that necessary for tiny living.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

We have a 2009 Cardinal by Forest River. We looked at a few different fifth wheel setups (new and used) and this particular Cardinal model really stuck out to us. The high ceilings and wisely placed slide outs make it feel more like a home than a trailer. At 38ft and a 14,800 pound capacity, it is very easy to tow with our 2018 RAM 2500 turbo diesel truck. We completely gutted and renovated our trailer to give it more of a home sensation. We always share our photos on our Instagram page, Hitched and Halling.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

We have not yet hit the road, but the journey thus far has been amazing. Being able to plan and renovate our fifth wheel has been such an incredible bonding experience for both of us being newlyweds. We have only taken our trailer on the road a few times for practice, but are beyond excited to begin our experience as full-time RV’ers.

Having Flexible jobs For RVing

Katherine and I met freshman year of college, at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, Florida. I graduated with my degrees in Accounting and Legal Studies and immediately began working as a paralegal focusing on Estate Planning. Katherine received her degree in nursing (BSN, RN) and began working as a registered nurse in 2016. After years of experience and planning, I was able to land a job as a remote rate analyst for property management company based out of Florida, which allows me to work wherever I have reliable high-speed internet. Katherine plans on starting her first of many travel nurse assignments this summer (2019) in North Carolina, where we will be making our first move full-time in our rig. Both of our jobs allow us to work from the road, wherever Katherine wants to do her travel assignments.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

Learn From Our Mistake

When we first purchased our rig, we were so excited to get it road ready and take it on a test run. We had it delivered to our storage unit and installed a sliding hitch to our truck to be able to tow with a short bed. After watching hundreds of youtube videos, we finally felt reasonably comfortable hooking up the trailer. We backed the truck up, felt the connection of the hitch, and began driving around the storage facility to get a feel for towing. After two turns, we felt a thud in the back of the truck bed and got out to inspect. Instantly we saw the tailgate of the truck had been sliced open by the electrical box on the tongue trailer sliding back to far in the hitch. After a handful of phone calls and sporadic internet research, we found out our hitch required a custom made connection plate to work properly. A quick order from Amazon Prime, and DIY installation, and we have been road ready ever since.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

For anyone that is in the beginning stages of learning the fifth wheel process, I hope our mistake can help you on your journey.

What We Have Learned While Becoming Full Time RVers

We must have 200 hours combined in research on finding the best mobile internet resource for our trailer. There are so many electronic attachments that you can find online to help your RV internet service, but nothing really that actually provides reliable internet! As loyal “Verizonian’s” we went to our local store to set up jetpack system for our rig, only to find out from the employee that the jetpacks do not allow entertainment streaming such as Netflix…what? We borrowed a family members jetpack to test this theory and had no problem streaming our favorite shows through our smart TV in the trailer.

Plenty of reliable full-time RV’ers have told us to purchase multiple mobile hotspots to ensure we will have nationwide reliable coverage. If one company does not have coverage in an area we travel, there is a good chance the other will be working. Our plan is to have 2 or 3 hotspot providers and will be installing our newly purchased wifi extender to use campground internet as a first resource.

The most thrilling part of our journey thus far is the complete renovation of our fifth wheel. We began with ripping up the carpet throughout and removing all of the cabinet doors. We painted all of the interior walls and replaced the flooring with 3mm vinyl planks and matching trim. Between both of us working full-time jobs, getting married, and the help of our supportive parents, we were able to complete our renovation process in 6 months time.

Remote Jobs Are Making It Easy To Travel

In 2019, the world we live in is becoming much more technologically savvy. To anyone that is thinking about going full-time in an RV but does not know what they will do for income. I (Mason) am here to ensure you it is not as difficult as you may think. Remote positions are available for almost every career type if you do enough research. I have always been a numbers guy and applied for a number of remote analyst positions that fit my experience level. I found my current position in about a month and it has been the best job I have ever had, hands down. I hope anyone that reads this will be inspired to do the same, and live the full-time RV working class lifestyle.

Katherine has 3 years of experience as a nurse, and we will be traveling where ever her contract assignments take us. For anyone that does not know what a travel nurse is; it is the unique opportunity nurses have to pick short term travel contracts anywhere in the U.S. Nurses chose their contracts based on their specialty and usually range between 8-12 weeks in time. This will allows us to pick and chose where we would like to go, and when we want to go there.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

For anyone who thinks this could be a good travel job for them, you could pick up a CNA license in 4-12 weeks.

Where Ready For Adventures

As two 25 years olds, we really do not have any reasons yet to quit our full-time adventure any time soon. When we began our journey, the idea of traveling full-time would allow us to explore the country and find the place we would love to call home. We both grew up in Florida, but are always vacationing to areas with mountains and lakes. We hope our travels allow us to bond as newly-weds, provide us with everlasting memories, and show us where we want to settle down and raise a family one day.

The Road To Possibilities Mason And Katherine Hall

We would both like to thank our parents for supporting us in our version of the American Dream. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime and hope we can inspire others to do the same. Follow our adventures at Hitched and Halling.

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