The Freedom To Explore: Michael and Taylor

The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

Originally we wanted to RV for our business, but 3 months later after we sold everything we realized it was for the freedom and experiences. Before RVing Michael was a Diesel mechanic and salesman and I (Taylor) was a Personal Trainer and saleswoman. We no longer have rent, water, electricity, cable or internet bills. So all that goes right back into exploring and making new memories.

Our Vehicles
The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

Our truck is known for its motor to last a long time (Chevy 6.0 Gas Burner) so that was a no brainer when picking the right truck. We have a 2011 Keystone Outback/ Toyhauler RV with Solar panels. We like the Outback for the extra space in the Toyhauler and it’s lightweight.

Memorable Moments On The Road

The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

Our favorite experiences on the road so far have to be meeting new people, boondocking and hiking in Sedona. On an interesting note, we managed to break down 5x on the way to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. First, we had two blowouts 5 miles apart on the interstate. Then the motor started to miss so we had to replace the EGR, 30 miles later it started doing it again so we replaced the plugs and wires. Soon after that, it was the fuel pump. We fixed everything on our own in random parking lots, besides the fuel pump. That was a rough start. Take notes to people.

A Bit Of Advice For Those Seeking RV Life

*If you don’t have kids or pets, keep it that way until you get adjusted to the lifestyle. It’s a big adjustment and we wouldn’t suggest an additional change in your lives as well at first.

*For our phones, we use Verizon. It has always been the best, we also installed the WeBoost signal and internet booster so we almost always have a signal. We have a separate hot spot as well, dedicated to our security cameras so we can monitor our camper when we are on adventures.

*Boondocking 100%. We chose this lifestyle for the freedom and that’s exactly what boondocking is! We don’t rely on the grid and we don’t have to pay crazy fees for camping. We can better use that money for making memories.

The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

*Plan for your budget for your cell phone bill, laundry, gas, groceries, and propane. That’s about it for us. We can live comfortably off of $500 a week. We are able to make our income from our online Sales through our electronics company Mountain Top Gadgets.

*We hit a low branch and tore the awning and roof once. We repaired it with awning patch and EternaBond tape. Installed two 200W solar panels and a 1,000W inverter, with three 100AH deep cycle batteries. We also installed a WeBoost signal booster and an onboard 3,000W dual fuel Champion generator (it will run both gas and propane).

Our Biggest Adjustment

The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

Something that has taken time to get used to is living in small quarters with another person. You’re always on top of each other so you really learn to be patient with one another. It can either make you or break you. It’s been a learning curve, but worth the adventures we are having with each other.

Unlimited Possibilities

This could very well be a life long adventure for us and when kids come we will just have to get a bigger truck and camper. Our next adventures are bringing us to Zion National Park and hiking Angels Landing. Our goal is to do every National Park in America and log them all on our YouTube channel Mountain Top Adventures.

The Freedom To Explore Michael And Taylor

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