RV Fit Chicks Ann and Lin

RV Fit Chicks Ann And Lin

Last year was a turning point for us. We had just turned 50. Both of our mothers passed away (we had already lost our fathers) and we were both burned out at our businesses we each owned (I/Ann am in the process of selling mine now). And Lin had always had the goal of retiring at 50, so the time was now!

We also realized that we lived in the 2200 sqft house most of which we didn’t even use. There had to be a better way to enjoy the next 50 years in a more fulfilling way! So we began watching tiny house shows, minimalism documentaries and googling everything there was about going tiny.

We thought of everything from living in my parents house that was willed to me (we’ve since sold that), to tearing down my house I owned before I married Lin and building a tiny house on the lot (we’ve since sold that property), to buying a smaller house here in Houston (they don’t exist!), to finding a tiny house somewhere (but we didn’t know where)!Besides, there’s absolutely no storage in a tiny house!


One night we were laying on the sofa watching an RV show on TV and it hit us…let’s buy an RV, travel the country and explore this great country of ours! We can take our house anywhere we want, have plenty of storage and a washer & dryer to boot! Since we were both retiring and unfortunately no longer had our parents to take care of here in Houston, the time was right to live the RV life.

Our Lives Before RVing

Lin owned a house cleaning service for 30 years. She is officially retired and is so excited about it. I don’t want to let her have all the fun so I am currently in the process of selling my CrossFit Gym. That should be finalized in the next few months.

RV Fit Chicks Ann And Lin

Hurricane Harvey

We will be full timing effective Feb 1, 2018. So don’t really have a full-time experience yet!

But from our part-timer travels so far our favorite experience has been when we purchased our RV from Lichtsinn RV in Forest City, Iowa. They were awesome! Especially since we could not get insurance coverage on our rig because Hurricane Harvey had just hit our hometown of Houston. They let us stay on their lot for 7 days and sent us home with an RV full of donations for those in need!

RV Fit Chicks Ann And Lin

Traveling with Pets

Be sure you think about where your pets will sleep/eat/lounge in the rig. How easy it is for them to get in and out of the rig. We wanted a mid-entry door so they wouldn’t tear up the front passengers where the door is typically at in a Class A.

Living on a Budget

Plan everything from gas, insurance, RV park fees, tire replacement costs and maintenance. Lin is the master at that and has it down pat! Of course, once we hit the road full time she will need to make adjustments especially to the gas budget and RV park budgets. There’s only so many times you can stay at Walmart!

RV Fit Chicks Ann And Lin

Traveling all 50 States

We plan on full time RVing as long as we physically can! We want to travel to all 50 states and Canada and take the slow road in the process. Our stays at one campsite will be at least 1-2 weeks and if we really like it there maybe longer.

We will travel back home to Houston for the holidays to see family and friends and then get back on the road!

Our next adventure will be our official move into the RV on Feb 1, 2018. Let the adventures begin!

RV Fit Chicks Ann And Lin

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