Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

After years of my husband working away and still feeling like we could never get ahead, we decided to shift things up a bit. Instead of having a house, 2 cars and lots of stuff and always being short on time we decided to sell it all and buy a bus. We converted it into a home and now we feel richer than we have ever dreamt of. We have million-dollar ocean views, we travel a lot, eat seafood fresh out of the ocean that Jed has caught for us and at night the Milky Way paints our walls. We have time together and no one needs to run off to work. You can’t put a price on that!

Two Bedroom House On Wheels

We have converted a 40 ft school bus to an off-grid home on wheels with a kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. We essentially built a house on wheels and wanted to go with the larger size so a bus was exactly what we wanted so we could have 2 bedrooms and room for the girls the grow.

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

Our Future Looks Bright

Before we started traveling, Jed worked on the mines here in Australia and I was at home with the girls for the last few years. Now I am just a month off finishing my certification to become a consultant and can from there on work from wherever we are. (Jed is planning on surfing and being a stay at home dad for the time being)

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

I suppose our shift in roles has been a big adjustment. Jed has adjusted from working all the time to being a stay at home parent and I have started working after being at home with the girls for the past few years.

Everyone Is Loving The Lifestyle

Watching the girls fall in love with our home and our new lifestyle has been such an amazing experience. They never opposed to it but in the last few months they have really both blossomed and our 4 year old often tells us how lucky we are to live like this. (Our girls are 2-years and a 4-years.)

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

It’s Always The First Trip

The very first day when we took off we only made it 5 minutes down the highway before the bus stopped. It just wouldn’t go and we had no idea what was going on. Turned out that Jed has leaned a chair on one of the fuses in the luggage compartment when he packed the outdoor furniture. It was a good laugh.

Creating Normalcy In The RVing Lifestyle

Have somewhere your kids can call their own space, set up comfortable long-lasting sleep spaces. We built a larger than standard RV bathroom as we knew we were likely going to be at least 2 or 3 people in there at once. We put a little bath in there as well which the girls love and use every night before bed. Children thrive on routines and as much as we move around and experience new places and adventures they always have a bath in the evening and snuggle up in their own comfy bed every night.

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

Work Camping At Its Finest

We often put a call out on community notice boards letting people know we are staying and asking if anyone has any property/ land that needs maintenance. We often get inundated with people offering us to stay for free on their land for a little bit of maintenance work. A lot of people with big properties need a hand but can’t pay or accommodate people so it seems to work well for those times we want to stay somewhere for a while with low to no cost.

Continuing Our Adventures

As long as we can travel we will! We are headed to Tasmania to explore for a few months and we are very excited! Follow our adventures on Instagram! 

Our Home In Motion: Marthe And Jed

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