Mobile Millers: Changing Our Perspective

Mobile Millers- Changing Our Perspective

We started RVing on accident really. We rented out our house and wanted to travel, but we needed a place to stay when we came back home, so we bought a camper and named her Norma. I knew all along she would come with us, my husband just didn’t know;). So basically it wasn’t so much the RVing we were interested in, as it was the traveling. Travel for us was a chance to change our perspective on the world, experience life while we were young and having our home with us most of the time just made it so much sweeter.

Our Experience at Sequoia National Park

One moment that does stick out as being scary at the time, but now it’s one of my favorites to tell, is the time we were close to Sequoia National Park in California. We were at the National Forest way off on this unused road, it was basically disintegrated. So we had the whole place to ourselves. We knew there might be bears in the area, so we went to sleep feeling a little tense. Sure enough night time came and Lyn had already fallen asleep when I heard a noise. It sounded almost like a man in boots coming down the road. Then I thought no it must be a bear. I got really scared and started a loud whisper to Lyn to wake up. My heart was beating fast it was getting closer and it was big. I peeked out the window expecting a huge bear but saw nothing. Suddenly there was a huge crash on the other side of our camper! I screamed and we kept trying to peek out without actually opening the door. Finally, we grabbed the flashlight and whipped open the door to see a huge, black…. cow. A cow. To our defense, it was a large bull, but still harmless. It was an open range and it wasn’t used to our camper being parked there. It basically slid off this four-foot bank parallel to our camper. We laughed and laughed, the cow was ok but I’m sure he got quite the scare as well!

Affordable RVing

We use an app called Allstays, seriously the best 10 dollars you’ll ever spend. It will show you all the free camping or cheap stays you can get your hands on. As long as your able to, don’t pay for campgrounds and that’s coming from a former campground host! The best memories we have is finding free camping way out in the middle of nowhere!

Before Traveling and What We Do Now

My husband, Lyndon was a mechanic for a small family owned business for eight years and I was a dried floral designer of three years. We left them at the end of December 2015. He left it in a helicopter and I left mine in my Honda!

Mobile Millers- Changing Our Perspective

Now we do seasonal jobs or work for people we know along the way. We’ve done jobs like house cleaning, excavating, catering, electrical work, worked at a boutique, camp-hosting and odds and ends! I even ran a packer for my father in-law’s business.

Also, check out camp hosting! It’s a great gig for seasonal work. As long as we’ve been traveling there’s been work to do, meet people, make connections and even having too much work. We’ve still been trying to get our foot in the door with online work, so we still have a lot to learn!

Mobile Millers- Changing Our Perspective

Our Plans for the Future

Lyndon and always ask ourselves will we ever want to live in a house and so call “settle down”. We don’t know the answer really, we make plans and they change. We hope to be more mobile this year, maybe buy a truck that would pull our camper a little easier. We’re actually going on a sailboat with a couple through the Caribbean, to Puerto Rico to help out with the hurricane. We are planning to leave anytime just waiting for the weather to cooperate;).

Mobile Millers- Changing Our Perspective

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