Making The Days Count: April and Jason

Making The Days Count April And Jason

We started full-time RV’ing because we wanted to save money for our forever home. We haven’t traveled in our RV, we are actually stationary. I’m a Realtor, I love my job and Jason runs a Wood Floor Company. We had no clue we would fall in love with the lifestyle at the same time. We make more memories and spend more time together than ever before and this is our favorite chapter of life so far.

Our Renovated Fifthwheel

 Making The Days Count April And Jason

I wanted the Open Concept and high ceilings. We all fell in love with the layout of our 2005 Keystone Montana 3295RK. When it came to renovations, we did everything ourselves. We painted the walls and put in new flooring. We also ripped out a ton of cabinets and made some new curtains for the windows. We upgraded the furniture in our rig as well. Currently, we are renovating the bathroom and should be done in a few weeks.

Making The Days Count April And Jason

My tip for parents with children in an RV is to create a space for everyone, even if it’s small, that way everyone has their own area to go to and enjoy. It is super important even in a tiny home. For my kids, that means having their playroom with combined toys as well as each of them having their own cubby with their special toys.

Making The Days Count April And Jason

Never A Dull Moment

One of the first crazy experiences we had living in the RV was finding out there was a 3rd tank (our galley tank). Out of nowhere, our underbelly was leaking A LOT of water and it stunk. We went straight to worst-case scenario thoughts, but thankfully our amazing neighbors came to the rescue. It was overflowing and we just needed to empty it.

Adjusting To The RV Life

Our biggest adjustment has been maintaining all of the “household” things ourselves. Since we lived in an apartment in Sacramento, we never needed to fix anything ourselves. So whenever anything happens we have to figure it out and that’s been an adjustment. It’s also been empowering because we get to learn something new every time and it makes us feel accomplished when we get things done.

Making The Days Count April And Jason

Enjoying This Chapter In Our Lives

We don’t know how long we want to do this for. Maybe 2 or 3 more years, once we start buying properties (investment first) and then eventually we want to find/build our forever home. Until then we plan to enjoy the RV life together.

Making The Days Count April And Jason

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