Home Is Where We Roam: Alexa And Rocky

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

We started full timing to save money and also to be able to travel with our home in tow. We currently have a six-year plan of living in our RV to save up for a future home and business. We plan to retire to Montana, Rocky’s home state. Rocky was and is a Gunny in the Marine Corps. Living in the camper not only helps us save money but will make our next move that much easier as the Marine Corps moves us often. We are saving to build our forever home there and while we save we take vacations here and there to places we have never been but have always wanted to go. We have three kids, one with special needs. We all enjoy having our home with us when we get where we are going; it makes traveling so much easier and cheaper experiencing places with our camper.

Our Trailer and Truck

We have a Forest River Wildwood 32BHDs — Pull Behind Bunkhouse with two slides. Our tow vehicle – GMC Sierra 3500 DURAMAX. We chose a pull behind camper 1st because we didn’t want our home to be in the shop if there was something wrong with the engine. A truck is something Rocky can work on himself as well. 2nd to be more specific we chose a pull behind instead of a fifth wheel so Rocky could put a camper shell on his truck and be able to store all his tools and have them with him at all times. Rocky chose a GMC Sierra 3500 Duramax so it could adequately tow whatever we want it to.

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

Our Wild Moments On The Road

Oh man! We are fairly new at this. We’ve been at it four months now. Crazy moments for us have been clogs one right after the other in our black and grey tanks. That was an interesting smelly morning. Kicking the breaker numerous times just by microwaving while the AC is on. That is a learning curve. Two flat tires on our first trip and on that same trip having our back bumper falling off going down the road. We got waved by the police who helped us take an ax to it to get it off quickly. Its been an exciting time!

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

Making Moments Count With Our Kids

Kids do not need a lot of things. I know a lot of parents are scared to live tiny because their kids won’t be able to keep all of their things or have their own room but kids especially small kids do not notice much when it comes to downsizing. I can say that my kids are even happier because we have more time for them and spend more time on experiences instead of things that do not mean as much to them.

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

Minimize The Bills

If you are planning on doing this lifestyle to save money, simply start by buying a used RV. If you start this way you will be set up to be done with payments quicker if you weren’t able to pay it off right away. Also, consider cutting out expenses you don’t need…cable, or other monthly subscriptions. Things like this add up & unless you need it for work cut it out! Its a total change of pace but that’s the plan anyway right!? Change it all up and live fuller with fewer distractions & fewer bills.

To Renovate, Or To Not Renovate

Renos! We have a love-hate relationship with them. I, Alexa, love them and Rocky hates doing them! Check out our renovations on our Instagram. We gutted our camper before moving in, replaced flooring, painted everything, and made the space more livable for us full-time. We are still changing things up and recently added a reverse osmosis filter to our sink and also built a drawer under the kids’ bed for their piano keyboard to pull out to play on right there. We’re constantly looking for things to change up and make tiny living more comfortable especially as a stationary family.

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

We Never Get Tired Of The Change

As I stated earlier we have a six-year plan to save for a forever home on the road and future business. Rocky retires in six years and by then we can head home to Montana. Before that day comes we hope to travel everywhere we’ve always wanted to with our home in tow. I will always love that feeling of walking out my front door and having a new front yard view every time we travel. It’s such a neat feeling to cook dinner, sit in bed and read, homeschool the kids all in different beautiful locations & all at home. Home is very truly where the heart is now.

Home Is Where We Roam- Alexa And Rocky

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