Finding Our Adventure: Alexandra And Jon

Finding Our Adventure Alexandra And Jon

Our adventure started in 2016. At that time we had no idea that people lived full-time in RV’s. We were just a newlywed couple looking to design a little tiny home to travel across the US for a few months before we transitioned into the next part of our lives.

That trip changed our lives in so many ways, and dreams were planted in our hearts on this adventure. We realized that life had such a deeper meaning, the freedom of the open road and simplistic lifestyle helped us see that! When we got back we started plugging along with our big dreams of financial freedom and somewhere in that season bought a house. Our decision to go full-time came way afterlife on the road and two faithful years in our own house. When faced with a decision in our next step with our dream we decided to rent our house and go tiny again because “why not”.

Our Home On Wheels

Our first camper was 19 ft. While that was great for such a short adventure, we knew we needed a little more space to live full-time. We love the ease of a trailer style camper and the spaciousness of a slide-out. 240 square feet was the perfect amount of space for both of us! We also love to host so the extra space gives us plenty of room to have guests.

Finding Our Adventure Alexandra And Jon

We have a stationary renovated RV that was created from a 30ft 2008 Sportsman LE parked in Lynchburg, VA and currently in Vermont.

Finding Our Adventure Alexandra And Jon

We really didn’t have a hard time going from 2,000 square feet to 240. I think it’s because tiny living has always been in our hearts. Dumping the black tank though, no one is ever prepared for that.

Finding Our Adventure Alexandra And Jon

Adapting To RV Life With Our Jobs

Though our RV is stationary I do have a job that allows me to travel. This is one dream that life on the road birthed in my heart! Our trips out west gave us such a passion for entrepreneurship and virtual lifestyle. When we got back we made the decision to pursue these two dreams. My husband, Jon, started his business as a real estate investor making passive income which has prompted us to put some roots down. Transitioning out of life on the road and putting down roots, I (Alexandra) worked as a medical assistant in a fast-paced setting and instantly knew office life was not the right fit for me. This put the fire in my spirit to train and search for a virtual position that would give me the flexibility to travel and align with my health expertise. I now work as a virtual health coach for an app-based in NYC. Right now as I’m writing this though we don’t have the ability to travel with the RV, I’m working and traveling in Vermont!

(We spent a lot of time in BLM Lands (Bureau of land management). I highly recommend the website and the app AllStay. Also, ask around!)

Taking In The Moment

Man, this is tough! I think that one of our top memories has to be one of the first stops of our first trip in 2016. After 10 months of weddings, renovations and graduating college we finally did it. The first stop that we just enjoyed and relished in all these accomplishments was in the Badlands in South Dakota. We had found a camping spot in the middle of a valley full of buffalo. They would just roam around us while we were in the middle of the most beautiful place we had ever seen. We just sat there sipping on our Moscow mules and listening to John Mayer thinking “is this real life?”.

Finding Our Adventure Alexandra And Jon

Just Going With The Flow

There were so many moments in our first RV that I look back on and laugh, a lot of them had to do with our black tank. However, I will spare you guys the details. I think the craziest moment on the road was realizing that after all those renovations and making the inside look amazing, our camper was structurally all rotted out. We realized that on our first dirt road driving down to the valley in the Badlands. We were driving on washboard roads and just seen our whole camper frame jumping up and down. We got out and the whole back of the camper was sinking in and just hanging there with no structural integrity. We were like “oh crap”. But hey, we jerry-rigged it and lasted three months!

Our Dreams After RVing

We plan to full-time for two years to save up money for our dream home! Our dream is to renovate an A-frame cabin house in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But who knows where life will take us!

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