Finding Bliss On The Backroads: Stacey and Jeremy

Finding Bliss On The Backroads Stacey And Jeremy

We wanted to expand our horizons, see and share more together. Show our kids there is more to life and that it is okay to take risks. This experience is just as much about learning about ourselves as it is about traveling and wonder. We see this as an investment in ourselves, our marriage, our family unit, and our children’s future.

Our RV is a 1996 Class C Motorhome. The price, size, and potential was our reasoning for buying our RV. We originally planned to tow a second vehicle, but we weren’t able to find something that worked in our price range, and then we ran out of time.

Job Opportunities While RVing

We are both real estate agents. I (Stacey) worked mainly in corporate operations and Jeremy in the field with Buyers and Sellers. We chose to use our savings and take a sabbatical from work for the first 6 months or so of our trip. We plan to workamp or pick up temp jobs and part-time work along the way.

Finding Bliss On The Backroads Stacey And Jeremy

Discovering Ourselves While RVing

Rediscovering ourselves, our marriage, and the world outside of our home city has been our favorite part about RVing. And connecting with the kids in new ways. We have always been a close family, but this time together, and the new ways in which we need to work together, have changed our relationships for the better. We have even watched our dog Tucker grow and flourish with this lifestyle.

Finding Bliss On The Backroads Stacey And Jeremy

Two Flat Tires In The Middle Of Nowhere

We ran into a few RV issues along the way; all manageable, but less than two weeks after taking off, we had a bizarre tire issue where the valve stem completely ripped out and both back tires on the one side flattened. Normally, if one is flat, you can still drive on the other, but that was not our luck! We were in the middle of absolutely nowhere, literally 50 miles from any town in any direction. Of all places! We were fortunate enough to find a mobile tire place that came to our rescue. We would have been hard-pressed to find a tow truck. We played games and ate lunch while we waited and we tipped that tire mechanic very well!

Tips For Surviving The RV Life

-We have found a lot of parks don’t allow what they consider “aggressive” breeds so always double-check!

-If you have multiple kids, have a plan for an internet connection.  The park WiFi and cellular hotspot won’t cut it for most families. We ended up buying a mobile router and a month-to-month internet plan.  After spending the first month trying to make park WiFi and cellular hotspots work, it was a welcomed expense.

-The age of your RV matters. There are some parks that don’t allow older RVs.  We have always been to other parks that work, but that is also because we bought the Thousand Trails camping pass, which makes exceptions for their members.  Their camp pass is more affordable and very much worth the expense.  It pays for itself quickly.

-We use several Campground memberships, such as Thousand Trails, Good Sam and KOA they are all worth it!

-Repairs are inevitable stuff here.  Repairs will be needed at some point in your travels. Budget more if you are moving around a lot and let it roll over if you don’t use it every month.

Finding Bliss On The Backroads Stacey And Jeremy

-If you are renovating, it will likely cost you more than you think. It’s just like any other renovation.  You start to pull at a thread and it never seems to end.  Remind yourself of what things really matter for function and comfort and leave the rest alone.

Showing While RVing Takes Some Getting Used To

Money and showers. It’s taken some time to get used to spending differently than when we were working full-time. And we had no idea going in how big of a deal the shower situation would be. Wasn’t even a thought. But, we’ve learned using our RV shower isn’t all that great for many reasons, and the camp showers are hit and miss. Overall, it all works out, but when we end up at a park with crap showers, we look forward to moving day.

An Experience Worth The Driving For

We set out for one year, or as far as our budget would take us. But, this is all too good. Crappy showers, flat tires and all, we aren’t ready to stop. This lifestyle is very freeing. And healing. Everyone deserves an experience like this.

Finding Bliss On The Backroads Stacey And Jeremy

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