Everywhere Is Home: Feather And Ryne

Everywhere Is Home Feather And Ryne

We started RV living for the freedom it gives you. We knew we wanted to live comfortably, affordably and close to the beach. Living in our RV allows us to do that. We also knew we didn’t want to be tied down to anything, we wanted to be able to get up and go if any other opportunities were to come up.

Before we started RV living my husband was a fabricator in the off-road industry, he worked long hours sometimes 7 days a week. Since making the switch he’s been able to go into business with his best friend selling telecom for business. It’s so nice that’s he’s able to make his own hours and work from pretty much anywhere. I’ve continued staying home with our daughter Sky who is 3 and our son Storm who is 1.

Our Home On Wheels

We chose our Forest River Wildwood 32bhds travel trailer because we loved the layout. We loved that it had the bunkroom and a good amount of kitchen counter space. And it was in our budget which was a bonus!

Everywhere Is Home Feather And Ryne

Our RV Life

My favorite thing about RV living has been decorating our RV. We’ve always lived in rentals before so it’s been fun to paint and make it our own.

Everywhere Is Home Feather And Ryne

The best advice I could give to a family with kids wanting to do RV living would be to get an RV with a bunkroom. I’ve seen a lot of families that have gone without it end up regretting it. It’s nice for the kids to have their own space and I think it helps them adjust easier.

Everywhere Is Home Feather And Ryne

One Day At A Time

We don’t have a set time of how long we plan to RV, we just want to enjoy our life and take thing one day at a time.

Our future goal would be to buy and renovate a house, but we are in no rush.

Everywhere Is Home Feather And Ryne

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