Embracing The Journey: AJ and Abby Mida

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

It all started a couple of years ago when we developed a deep passion and desire to travel more. We had always wanted to RV throughout the country and so began watching youtube videos of couples and families who had been living full time in their RV, traveling the country and working on the road. We were inspired by their stories and began the praying, dreaming, planning and preparation stages for our own adventures. We are driven to live life to it’s fullest while serving and inspiring as many people as possible along the way. One of our goals has been to have time, location and financial freedom.

The RV’s We Have Had So Far

We started out with a Ford F250 Truck and 2016 Heartland Torque Travel Trailer. Almost 2 months in we switched to a 2018 Winnebago Horizon 40A Motorhome and a Jeep Wrangler.

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

21 months ago we bought this 2016 Heartland Torque to test the waters! We loved it. Since we already had this rig we decided to use what we had and go! Seriously just use what you have and hit the road. Or if you don’t have one yet, start small and make sure you love it before spending too much! This way you will find out in an RV what works best for you and/or your family and what you may want in the next one. We quickly realized, while on the road that we needed a little more space for us and our two Siberian Huskies that was easier to work from, eat from, and quick setup.

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

We’ve found it! Our goal was to get a Motorhome that had a great floor plan, tons of storage, self-leveling, faster set up at RV site and most importantly huge windows to bring the outside in! The Winnebago Horizon accomplished all those things. For us, this is the best living situation while on the road. Being on the road can be stressful and chaotic at times. We wanted it to still feel like “home” as much as possible for us and a good space to perform at our best for work.

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

On The Road Doing What We Love

We are both Real Estate Agents! Our motto is “One Life Living”. We loved our years helping buyers and sellers in the process of purchasing or selling a home in North Carolina! As Real Estate Agents, we often worked even while on vacation… so, we decided to take a leap of faith, join a brokerage that offered stock in the company and an opportunity to earn passive income through revenue share. Ultimately we decided, we only have One Life and to live this life God has given us, with complete financial freedom… we needed to create a passive income. That leap of faith paid off immensely for us, providing this financial and time freedom and the ability to follow this dream of traveling the country! We now help Real Estate Agents across the country create freedom for themselves as well!

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

Adapting To The RV Life

The time spent together exploring has been our favorite part about RVing. We love visiting new places, living like locals, experiencing what they experience! We love the ability to get our work days in as well and take in the new backyards we get to have weekly. Whether it be the mountains or the ocean! We have loved the Pacific Northwest! We also have loved slowing it down a bit. We were traveling at a quicker pace in the beginning, moving every 4 days or so. We found that for us, we love taking it slower and staying at least a week up to a month or more in a location. It gets us into our normal grooves again for work and working out as well! We are also so grateful our two dogs Micah and Luna are the best travel buddies! They love hiking, their walks and just being with us every day. Its been so fun to see them in new places as well, they adapt so well!

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

Living And Learning

The learning curves we experienced has led to so many of our funny or crazy moments out on the road. On our second big stop 2 weeks into the trip: A tip we now we will not forget is to verify with the RV park a few times that your size RV will, in fact, fit in that designated spot they give you. If you don’t it may take you 2 hours like it did us to get into one spot that was on a steep incline. We had to place many..many blocks under the RV to level it and thankfully a few of the people in the park came to help us maneuver it into the spot! The park owner said he has had a 45-foot Motorhome in this spot, yet our Travel Trailer at the time was 36 foot and it barely made it in with the low trees and incline.

With all of the fun we’ve had getting out of our comfort zone venturing out on this Journey across the country also comes with some hectic stressful moments! Some days we question the Journey, get frustrated in the crazy moments that don’t go as planned. YET, there is so much growth that happens in these unplanned events, that a lot of the time we don’t see until we are through it! They challenge and strengthen us and our mindsets, they teach patience. It all allows us to think quicker on our feet and maneuver the obstacles better next time.

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

We have created some of the most amazing memories along these first four months already and we truly do believe in the end that the little hiccups don’t hinder our love for this adventure. It’s still SO WORTH IT, to us. We love that each week or month we have a new backyard to explore. New people to meet and exploring new towns.

It may not all go “as we planned” but it all happens the way it is suppose to and we learn so much along the ride!

Expenses On The Road

For RV’ers just getting started …we recommend using what you have and hit the road! If you are questioning if your current RV is the right one for you, right size, set up or layout…just go with it at the beginning. Head out on the road and get started. You will find as you are on the road what things you love, don’t love, what layout would work best for you in the next RV as you go.

If you don’t even have an RV yet and you are itching to get on the road, still researching and deciding which one is the best…we recommend starting small (price wise) and make sure you love RVing before spending too much! This way too you will find out in an RV what works best for you and/or your family and what you may want in the next one.

Taking One Step At A Time

As of right now we are staying flexible as to timing and seeing where God leads us. Our plan as of right now is to full time for a year and go from there! We were just in Newport Beach California, we stayed there for six weeks and loved it! We headed to Breckenridge Colorado for Christmas and the winter season and will be here until March for work, skiing, snowboarding and more exploring!! We thank God for the path that he has us on and we continue to trust the Journey!

Embracing The Journey- AJ And Abby Mida

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