Always On Liberty: The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

We were already nomads; both being prior military. We were accustomed to relocating often and subject to a relocating often. Once Dan retired from the Coast Guard, trying to plant roots was difficult. We were restless nomadic souls looking for clarity and peace in our future. Staying put wasn’t that answer; it wasn’t working for us. We had two Harley Davidson motorcycles that enabled us a little time away however, we always had to ‘come back’ to the grind. Eventually, our motorcycle trips started getting longer and more frequent, so it was a no-brainer that we’d look into RVing (and taking our bikes with us!)

We had a large 5 bedrooms 3 bathroom sticks and bricks that just became more hassle than it was worth; always working to maintain it, making payments yet not being able to afford the time OR money to go on vacations. We also have shipmates, friends, and family all over the country that we want(ed) to visit. Our RV lifestyle and nomad-ability afford us the ability to see them and our great country.

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Picking The Right RV

We ended up purchasing a 2016 Heartland Landmark 365 Fifth Wheel with 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW. We originally bought a fifth wheel toy hauler when we first started RVing in early 2014. We hauled our two Harley Davidson motorcycles in the garage of the toy hauler. However, due to some serious logistical issues, we decided to sell the motorcycles and trade the toy hauler in for a luxury 41′ Landmark 365 full-time fifth wheel coach. We love our Landmark because it’s provided the necessary room we need plus comfort for not only ourselves but also our two Maine Coon Cats, Krissie (Tortie) and Kandi (Calico). It has a beautiful galley which was one of the biggest reasons for buying it.

With our recent interior remodel, we now have a great work-space in the rear of our coach where our picture window is forever changing. (We blogged about that)

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Before Being on The Road

Prior to 2014, we owned a beautiful home in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky. It was everything we thought the American Dream was (and what everyone else deemed) until we watched a GoRVing commercial.

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Dan, at the time, was a federal employee of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in the Law Enforcement division. Prior to that, Dan retired from the Coast Guard after 30 years of service.

Lisa is a Coast Guard Veteran as well. She also was an Entrepreneur of an MLM Company as well as a huge military troop supporter organizing care package drives for deployed Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also owned her own Etsy store; created one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and trinket/jewelry boxes.

We also were both avid motorcycle riders who loved touring the country on our two Harley Davidson Motorcycles. We both were members of the Patriot Guard Riders who escorted Fallen Heroes to their final resting places, local Troop homecomings, and send-offs.

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Today, Dan is the Captain and Engineer of Liberty. He takes care of our RV inside and out, does our own maintenance, upgrades, and modifications. Dan assists by blogging some product reviews and does all of the RV maintenance, modifications, and upgrades on our coach.

Lisa is a Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur; blogging for not only Always On Liberty but also Heartland RV’s. She takes care of all communications and social media for Always On Liberty. Lisa also is an RV Interior Design and Decor consultant for those who need a help with their RV.

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

Boondocking For Beginners

We’ve written a few blogs about our Boondocking Experiences and our reviews on Campgrounds, RV Parks, and Resorts. We believe in sharing information and networking.

We recommend starting out for short periods of time to learn about boondocking, energy and water consumption and tank waste management. If you go boondocking, always leave your coordinates of where you will be camping, what dates and description of your vehicle(s) and coach.

We encourage full-time RVers to network, learn about every facet of RV life (forums, social media, books and periodicals, networking and workshops), be proactive about maintenance of their RV and network, network, network. Become part of the community and family.

Eat healthy and exercise so you can hit those trails where the better treasures are.

But most of all, take it slow and be patient. There is no prize for traveling many as fast as you can. Stop and smell the roses, take lots of pictures and enjoy the life. Be friendly, be kind, be humble and be good stewards of the land out there

 We Will Keep Exploring

We plan to full-time until we get tired but right now, we’re too energetic to even think about that. We both are in decent health and have the financial means to continue on. There’s plenty in our Country to keep us busy until we decide we can’t pursue anymore. Right now, we are loving the RV Lifestyle!

Always On Liberty- The Coasts We’ve Seen, Now Traveling Between

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