A Lifetime of Adventure with Danny And Britty

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

When Danny and I went on our first date I told him that one of my big life dreams was to travel around and live in an RV with a growing family. He immediately said no way that’s my dream too!! The rest was pretty much history. We both wanted to be able to see the entire country and share experiences of travel with our baby and other future kids. We wanted to be able to spend all day and all night with one another. We knew that we wanted to gather more experiences as a family and downsize on our personal belongings. We have been living in our RV for just over a year and we are totally hooked!

Before Our Leap For Adventure

Danny, for the past 12 years of his life, has been a professional snowboard coach. He also got his degree in biology. He became a traveling Science teacher for his athletes, as well as their coach. He grew up in VA and moved to Oregon in May of 2015 to start his own snowboard coaching company called ING (Influencing the Next Generation). This company still runs today, but in a super small capacity. Danny was raised with a very traditional upbringing in the suburbs of D.C. His family has done quite well for themselves, and Danny was always a bit of the black sheep,  always challenged the set path, went against the grain, and blazed his own trail. Danny is now pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and working hard to develop a strong eCommerce business.

I, Britty have been a nanny, Doula, and lactation consultant for the past 8 years. Since traveling and the birth of our son I still do childcare when we are back in and around the Oregon area. I  also am working on our families blog, a tiny living cookbook, and learning the eCommerce business alongside Danny.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

Our Home On The Road

We live in a 2006 Monaco Diplomat 38’ PST. We choose this set up for the 400HP Cummins motor, Roadmaster Chassis, and 6 speed Allison Transmission. Plus the double front slide and single bedroom slide.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

Waking Up To The Most Beautiful View

One of our favorite moments together was when our son was about a week old we decided to drive to and camp at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. We arrived super late to a boondocking spot we found online and had no idea what to expect. When we woke up the next morning it was the most breathtaking view of the Tetons right out all our front windows. We were stunned. It was a moment where we both looked at each other and decided we were totally hooked on RV life. We spent the whole morning just drinking coffee in disbelief that our home was parked right in front of this majestic view.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

We Lived And We Learned

Since we are fairly new to RVing, there are plenty of crazy moments to tell. One was pretty recent. Danny had filled up our fresh water tank in Las Vegas, NV before we headed into Death Valley National Park. Hours later we were stuck in Death Valley trying to keep our engine cool enough to run and we realized we had NO WATER. Danny forgot to shut the tank and it was all drained. It was kinda scary and kinda funny all at the same time. We will not make that mistake again!!!! RVing has a huge learning curve!

Our Tip For Traveling

Having a baby on the road is super doable. We ripped some wall cabinets to make room for a crib, and we keep very little when it comes to baby supplies. You really don’t need all that much. Babies are pretty adaptable and so far ours loves the outdoors as well as the movement while driving. One tip that I would give new families is to find a pediatrician willing to communicate with you on the road. Our doctor let us email, text, and FaceTime in order to make sure everything was right on track with our little one. This has been SO helpful.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

Our dog loves the RV. Just make sure to check RV parks rules for dogs when booking. There are plenty of RV parks that have dog parks which is a big perk for dog owners. Our pup loves time off the leash. We also use Banfield which is pet insurance and vet care. It is nationwide which keeps us covered if she needs anything no matter where we are in the country.

When boondocking make sure everything is full and or empty! Also, make sure you feel safe where you decide to boondock. We have learned a ton from Google and other RV bloggers on tips and great locations to boondock.

When going with a campground or resort make sure you book in advance when it comes to the summer months. Popular places fill up very very quick, thankfully we choose to boondock a lot. It saves so much money!

There’s also plenty of free fill up and dumping stations across the US.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

When trying to budget while RVing I have two main recommendations. One would be to use a gas app to help you find the cheapest diesel. Diesel can get very pricey so sometimes its worth it to go a mile or two out of the way to fill up for cheaper. Another thing is to not eat out. It’s tempting sometimes to try so many awesome restaurants all over the country, but it will save you tons if you make your own meals and just pick a couple special places you absolutely have to try. We also save money by not paying to have internet. We use coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places.

A big investment we made that saves us money daily is we installed a dual washer/dryer. Quarters at the laundry mat really add up and though the unit was expensive it really pays for itself-especially with a baby!

Be Ready For Repairs

Our advice for repairs would be to check out YouTube. There are a lot of things you can fix yourself- a repairman can be crazy expensive. Renovations are never as simple as they seem at least for us. There’s always something that we didn’t realize. Something is bound to happen, things seem to break all the time, just try to see what you can learn via YouTube.We are very slowly renovating ours to help our budget.

Staying Motivated And Working On The Road

You have to be very self-motivated to work full time and travel. You have to find a balance between fun and work. It’s easy to say hey I’m just gonna explore today- but you really have to manage your time well in order to keep the travel lifestyle going. You also may have to be creative at times. We are constantly looking for new ways to work remotely and travel. Danny even started driving for lyft. You can do it in most major cities and thought it may be a nice way to make a little extra. Just keep an open mind.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

We plan on doing this full time for the next five years, and then plan to change our RV full-time life into a sailboat full time. After conquering the US we want to conquer the world! Our next big adventure we are hoping to slowly do the entire west coast, Glacier National Park, the San Juan Islands, and all the way down to Sayulita, Mexico.

A Lifetime Of Adventure With Danny And Britty

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