A Life Worth Living: Zach And Katie

A Life Worth Living- Zach And Katie

We started full time RVing about three years ago for SO many reasons. God made it clear that our focus was off. Our eyes were opened to how much consumerism had shaped society and our lives. We wanted to enjoy life without the pressures of debt, timelines, complacency, etc. We can’t imagine going back.

My husband, Zach, was a full-time realtor/photographer in the Houston area. I’ve always stayed at home with our three kids. Now he continues with photography, web design, odd jobs, and we’ve even camp hosted to make ends meet! I now work for a friend’s salon answering phones!

Paying Cash For Our Motorhome

A Life Worth Living- Zach And Katie

We chose our 1978 Dodge Concord Motorhome specifically because we could pay cash for it! Same with our van. We didn’t want something that stole our monthly budget and didn’t allow us to pursue our dream of traveling and being together.

Creating Amazing Memories

Our favorite experience on the road has definitely been the fact that we have everything with us no matter where we open our front door. Our kids have consistency in their home and we’ve got a safe place to come back to after a day of exploring or traveling.

A Life Worth Living- Zach And Katie

We took off on our first road trip and our RV frame bent! It was totaled out the next day. Lol! (We can laugh now…) It was crazy to say the least. The main lesson we’ve learned is that it’s never been about the actual RV, it’s always been about the mindset and freedom!

The Road Has Made Or Family Stronger

I would definitely say that our kids are SO much more adaptable than I ever imagined they would be. I worried a lot at the beginning but as long as mom and dad are secure, they’re secure. No matter where we are. This has made us so much closer as a family because we can’t walk off and shut a door when we’re mad or upset. We actually have to allow our kids to work things out between themselves and us. It’s made our bond so much stronger!

A Life Worth Living- Zach And Katie

In It For The Long Haul

We have zero plans of going back as of now and it’s been three years. We feel as if we haven’t even begun! There are so many places we want to experience that it’s just exciting to think about it. So as of now, we’re in it for the long haul!

A Life Worth Living- Zach And Katie

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