Why We Chose Anchor Down RV Resort for Our Next Adventure

Dandridge Tennessee

Once we decided to leave North Carolina, we wanted a big change in scenery, the choice was obvious to us and we headed to the mountains in Dandridge, TN.

Justin, being the smart guy that he is, found us an amazing deal at Anchor Down RV Resort for one month. We stayed from the beginning of October to the beginning of November and since we planned to visit family for Thanksgiving our timing couldn’t have been better. Above anything else, the view at Anchor Down was amazing during this time of year. Fall with a clear mountain view was a dream to experience. All the colors, the cool breeze and the fire places could be seen from any lot during anytime of day.

Amenities at Anchor Down RV Resort

  • Full size lots, each with a fire pit or fire place depending on the lot location.
  • An amazing view on any lot.
  • A pool with water slides. (Not open in the winter).
  • Docks easy to put boats (kayaks, cannons, small motor boats) on and place in the water.
  • Golf cart rentals, worth it since they are located on small hills.
  • Dog park and dog trash cans everywhere.
  • Volleyball court.
  • A large playground with a pavilion right next to it.
  • Small store for easy purchases.
  • Full Bathrooms with amazing tile showers and heat for the cold days and nights.
  • Laundry rooms.
  • Garbage pickup everyday.

There are many more things to experience at Anchor Down, just go see it for yourself.

Our Adventures in Dandridge, TN

Since we were there for one month we wanted to see what we could do without breaking the bank, as well as still working remotely.

We discovered a small town just a bit down and found a Starbucks to work at and a few great places to eat. In the area they had helicopter rides with a company called “Scenic Helicopter Tours”. They had many varieties and routes to see over the whole area. Sadly we forgot to do it! We still managed to enjoy the ground just as much with our bikes and rode around and explored around Douglas Lake often.

Down the road we found a hotel that rents boats and jet ski’s in the summer, but since it was off season we just bought our own kayak and explored Douglas Lake on our own. Sure there were many things to do around the area, but our most memorable moments were at the resort. The days we didn’t want to go into town we just brought our laptops over to the pavilion they had, which had the clearest view of Douglas Lake and relaxed the whole day with the incredible view.

We Loved Anchor Down RV Resort So Much, We’re Going Back!

With everything said about Dandridge, Tennessee, I’m sure you can understand why this is the first place we look forward to seeing again, once we get back on the road. Out of all the RV Parks we remember, this is the one with the best views we got to see, the leaves changing, the cold weather bringing us closer together and the small town feeling. Anchor Down RV Resort was a vacation from our full time RVing lives.

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  1. Great story! Working remotely, while being able to relax and enjoy the awesome view of Douglas Lake has to be nice!

  2. So many activities! Going to have to add this RV park as a place to stop for sure! Thanks Joelle!

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