Things I Will Miss & Look Forward To

Justin & Joelle Going Away Party


We Will Miss All The People In 757 Sport Bikes

Our family in 757 Sport Bikes is going to be greatly missed. I remember when I was very hesitant to meet them and the minute I came into the group, I was welcomed in. I haven’t met a more open or friendly group of people in my life.

I didn’t really have many friends when I met Justin, but 757 became those people that were there when we needed them, especially as we were going through some traumatic things over the last few months. I haven’t ever had that sort of support from people. I just want to say thank you to everyone in 757 Sport Bikes and the community. I can’t wait to see them all again and share these amazing experiences with them when we return!

Justin & Joelle
That’s Us at the Going Away Party 🙂

Finding My Home Away From Home

How can I forget my parents. Of course I will miss them but the thing is I already do. I have been living away from them for about a year now. They are in California so being in Virginia has given us some distance already. Hopefully this adventure Justin and I are going on will give us a chance to see them more.

The Experiences Awaiting Us

We can’t really say what we are excited about specifically because we don’t know what to expect. So for now we will just say that we are excited to see the different city lifestyles and views from inland or by the beaches/coast. People in the United States are all so different and it’s a huge wish of ours to get to know as many people in every state as we can.

Gah, I am at a loss of words with what we want to experience but we are excited knowing we have people already traveling that are within every age group. That really encourages us, even more, with our decision to hit the road in an RV. I really hope we encourage people as well.

Doing what makes you happy is no joke (no pun intended) if we can help show people that it’s worth the struggle to do what they want then we’ve succeeded.

We’re going to miss our family here in Virginia, all of the great people who have helped us and are still giving us guidance. Now we’re on the move to meet more amazing people around the world and open our minds to even more opportunities!

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  1. How are things now? When you read this post on the things you will miss, you get to look back on how things have changed and how much both of you have grown through the experiences! As well as, have your expectations been fulfilled in terms of the stuff you considered something you would look forward to? Perhaps it would be timely to make a reflective post once more soon. 🙂

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